Ideas For Your Next Procrastination Session
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Student Life

Ideas For Your Next Procrastination Session

It's no secret, we all do it.

Ideas For Your Next Procrastination Session
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It is that time again. . .time for midterms. That also means it is time to procrastinate even more than we normally do because let's be honest, who actually studies for midterms more than the night before? (Don't worry mom, I definitely do not do this. . .) Sometimes we do not know what we want to do to procrastinate, we just know we do not want to do homework. Here is a list for the next time you wish to not study, or you just need to relax because the stress of midterms is getting to you.

1. Watch Newsies

I recommend the Broadway version, but the film is good too. But look, they dance on newspapers. . .what's more entertaining??

2. Color

Adult coloring books are literally the best.

3. Go to target

4. Pinterest

I mean this is the symbol for procrastination.

5. Do something for another class

Am I the only one that does this? Whenever I have something due for a class on Tuesday, I do homework for another class that isn't due till Saturday night because I just really do not want to do that paper or study due tomorrow.

6. Have a dance party

I do this way too often. Just ask my roommates.

7. Watch Kid President on Youtube

He will try to motivate you, but you'll end up watching his videos for an hour because he is just so cute and funny.

8. Listen to the Newsies soundtrack

I mean if you bake something you must eat it.

11. Walk around campus

Get those steps in. CNU is a small campus. . .maybe take a few laps around the great lawn.

12. Stalk yourself on Facebook

Makes me cringe every time.

13. Binge watch a new Netflix series

Make sure to pick one with lots of seasons.

14. Plan your wedding

Again Pinterest is amazing. Who doesn't have a wedding board?

15. Sleep

Does this one need an explanation?

16. Watch Newsies...again

I could watch this dude turn for days. I mean seriously, this show is amazing.

17. Write an article

Where do you think I got the idea for this article?

18. Make a list of what you need to do

And then not do anything on the list. At least you are one step closer.

19. Organize your Spotify playlists

This is an OCD person's dream; it's like Christmas morning.

20. Cry

I cry about how stressed I am and when I see how much I have to do. . .and then I cry later because I didn't do any of it. #circleofcollegelife

21. Text a friend and ask to hang out

If you text me, I'll suggest we watch Newsies together.

22. Do your laundry for once

I know your laundry basket is overflowing, just wash your clothes!

23. Literally, do nothing

Sit and stare at the wall.

24. Talk with your roomies

There is literally nothing better than laughing with your roommates at 1 in the morning.

Happy procrastinating!

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