The world looks at relationships in the media and strives to be like them. Glamorous, exciting, and living the good life. Too many people want to be like the celebrities they see on Instagram, on the news, etc. They need to take a good look at the couples they are admiring and realize that maybe the celebrities that shy away from the media are the couples they should idolized. When it comes down to it more young people should want to be Tim McGraw and Faith Hill than Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Tim and Faith keep their lives out of the media as much as possible. Tim and Faith will be married for 20 years as of this October. Throughout their marriage they have had three beautiful daughters and have managed to keep their lives out of the media. Within recent years Tim has confessed that he struggled with alcoholism, and Faith was right by his side throughout it all. The love the two of them clearly have for each other amazes me in today's world where celebrities seem to be more concerned with the presence they have on social media than they do about their own personal relationships. Tim and Faith have even sang duets together and have grown their careers together. “So I need you like a needle needs a vein, like my Uncle Joe in Oklahoma needs the rain, I need you. Like a lighthouse on the coast. Like the Father and the Son need the Holy Ghost. I need you.” How can anyone not fall in love with lyrics like that?

It’s amazing to see the love these two still have for each other in a time where love and relationships are hardly taken seriously.

Too many people focus on relationships such as Kim and Kanye. Why focus on a relationship that is between two people who have only gotten famous because of how outrageous they can be? People focus more on their celebrity status and how much money they are making per Instagram post than anything else. That's what people see when they look at them. They see money signs and insane scandals. Why would anyone want to look at a relationship like that and believe it’s such a good one.

When it comes down to it, people care more about what Kim and Kanye are going to name their next kid, or deal with a family falling out than anything else.

Stop focusing on a family that is out there only to get more famous, focus on a family that is actually a family. They are down to earth and happy. Not out there to make their names any bigger.

I know I will always strive towards a relationship like Tim and Faith than Kim and Kanye.