This past week, Netflix has graced us with Gerard Way's Umbrella Academy, based on his original comic. It was only a matter of minutes that I fell in love with who would become my next fictional character son, Klaus Hargreeves (aka Number 4, aka The Seance).

While Klaus is one of the most problematic characters in the show, he is a tortured soul and at least not an asshole like his brothers.

It goes Klaus, Five, Everyone else, Vanya, because Vanya took it way too far. Then again, an argument could be made for Vanya, but that's not the point. The point is that Klaus is actually the best character and the best Hargreeves sibling!

Although in the show, Klaus is 30, and I am 19, he is my son and I would do anything to protect him and would die for him. In just 10 episodes, we see how much the poor boy is put through and we can really sympathize with him. Though his actions are not condone-able, we, as an audience, can understand why he made the decisions he made.

Some major spoilers ahead

1. Exhibit A

Klaus is just such a great character. He's what we call, a "round character," meaning he has internal and external conflicts and a personality.

2. He makes mistakes, but that's okay

You're doing great, sweetie!

3. He's got his ups and downs

Our hearts broke for Klaus when he had the flashbacks of him inside the tomb. Their dad was horrible to all of them, but, seriously, Reggie??? There are better ways to go about this!

4. He has great fashion sense

While it may not be professional, it's still fab!

5. He'd do (almost) anything for his family

I'll admit, some, if not most, of his actions were selfish. But in the end, Klaus loves his siblings and would do anything for them.

6. This Scene

That moment where Number Five goes, "Ooohhhh shhiiittt"

7. His relationship with Ben

Klaus and Ben's relationship is the healthiest sibling relationship in that family, despite the fact that Ben is, well, dead. The fact that Klaus tried to prove that Ben could materialize by throwing a whole bowling ball at him and Ben actually tried to catch it proves that they both share the same last brain cell.

8. His dance moves were fantastic

I could really just watch 2 hours of Klaus dancing in his towel to music played on a walkman, but unfortunately, we can't always get what we wish for

9. Klaus / Dave

Do NOT get me started on Klave (Daus?)! Their relationship was good and pure and they deserved better! Then when Klaus finally got to see his ghost boyfriend again, Five went and reversed the day! I just have so many feelings!

At this point, I just ship Klaus/happiness

10. His heart

Klaus not only loved Vanya, but was sober enough to understand the struggles she may have been going through. Diego and Allison were on his side (we stan them), but Klaus was the real voice of reason in this scene.

He was never taken seriously by his siblings, except for Diego (again, we stan) and if Luther had just listened to him, then the show wouldn't have ended in the mess it did. We don't stan Luther.

11.In conclusion

Actual true story

If Klaus Hargreeves already wasn't your favorite character from Umbrella Academy, I hope this article has convinced you otherwise. I didn't mean to fall in love with yet another fictional character that I just know is going to be tortured and I will cry over, but here I am. Sometimes I just wish I could really transport into that universe, wrap Klaus up in a blanket burrito, take him far away, and protect him and shower him in the love and affection he deserves. But, here we are, having to wait a whole year before the second(?) season to find out what exactly happens to Klaus and the rest of the Academy.