I Want To Be A Superhero
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I Want To Be A Superhero

Why can't be I like Spiderman?

I Want To Be A Superhero

When I was little, I was always asked what I wanted to be when I get older. A lot of the time, I gave a serious career path and even now I'll tell people that I want to be a teacher. As much as I do want to be a teacher, I want to be a superhero more.

Superheroes are the coolest creatures out there. They save lives and they do it in style. They are figments of our imagination and they make us feel safe.

While I was growing up, I would always try to create superheroes in my notebook. I would create stories where there was a superhero with this alternate ego so they could be normal in the real world.

Now that I am older, I've realized that I want to be a superhero. I want to have superpowers and save lives doing the coolest things imaginable. I want to be the one that is making everyone feel safe.

If I could have any 2 superpowers, I would have telepathy and telekinesis. The telepathic powers would be used for defensiveness so I am one step ahead of my opponent, and then telekinesis would be used in offense. This way I can manipulate space and the way things work.

If I had to pick a name it'd be Tele-Kat. That's the start of both of my superpowers and the start to my first name. It'd be genius and I would have the coolest superhero outfit ever. I'd have my friend who's good at design figure that out though.

Being Tele-Kat I would save lives and I would change the world. It'd be everything I want to do and more.

However, I know that being this type of superhero is unrealistic. It's fun to dream about and think about. Unfortunately, superpowers like telekinesis and telepathy don't exist. It's a shame.

Even with this bummer in mind, superheroes still exist. They just don't have superpowers and wear capes. Instead, they're in the classroom, they're on the streets, in hospitals, and in their offices. Superheroes are people that save lives and change the world.

People who are doctors, teachers, firefighters, cops, therapists, in the military, and more are superheroes. The people who pursue one of these professions with the intent to change the world or do good with their career are superheroes.

Doctors (anyone in the medical field, nurses especially) literally save lives every day in the hospital whether it's giving someone medicine or giving an immediate emergency surgery. They are working relentlessly to ensure the health and wellbeing of all of their patients.

Firefighters, cops, and people in the military keep the streets and our country safe. They help us when there is an emergency whether it's a fire or a crime. They risk their lives for us every single day.

Therapists help with mental health. They allow for people to talk out ALL of their problems and not be judged for having them. Not only that, but they give AMAZING advice and they can fix deep-rooted problems. It's truly inspiring how therapists are superheroes.

Teachers save lives, teachers change the world, and they do so much more. In the classroom they are role models and they lead by example. Sometimes they're a safe space for students who get bullied. Sometimes students might feel that their teachers are the only people who genuinely care about them.

Me pursuing a career in teaching is allowing me to be a superhero. I just won't be wearing a cape and I won't have superpowers.

None of these professions wear capes, but they're all superheroes to so many people. I want to be one of them.

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