When we are growing up our elders always seem to ask us what we want out of life. As we grow up, our answers always change from riches, to love, to happiness.

Now that I am an adult...or rather learning to be one, I think I have finally found my answer, peace.

Yes, out of all things that life has to offer, I simply want peace. No more hate coming from the mouths of those who should be our icons or pointing fingers rather than working together to solve the problem. Peace isn't holding hands and singing songs, it's about learning to fight for what is right, and doing it together, rather than standing alone and kicking at the dirt.

We are living in 2019 and the problems that are going to one day end all of humanity are being overlooked because we simply cannot see past our own noses. We claim problems to be "made up" by the government or a certain political party when this is not the case at all.

Our problems both world affairs and in our own backyard in our oceans and forests are because of the poor actions that we as a whole have created because of the lackluster in peace.

What I do not understand is why it is so hard to just be nice? Why is it that nowadays people find it so hard to be nice to one another and just take the time to sit and listen to what others have to say? It takes more out of you to be rude than it does to be kind.

What I want out of everything in life is peace. Peace over everything in life. I want to be able to turn on my tv and not see that a school shooter killed so many people or that an innocent black man was shot by a cop. We have the tools and people to make a difference in this world and stop things from getting worse - we just need to realize that we are moving back in time, and that is not good.

Bringing peace back into this world and not spreading so much hate and violence would do us all a favor and possibly save our planet - because if we can all finally agree on saving this world and living together in peace, wouldn't that just be something?