I Read Mary Trump's Book So You Don’t Have To, Here's What You Need To Know
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I Read Mary Trump's Book So You Don’t Have To, Here's What You Need To Know

Mary Trump is a psychologist, business woman, author, and a member of the Trump family.

I Read Mary Trump's Book So You Don’t Have To, Here's What You Need To Know

"Too Much And Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man" is the new controversial book by Mary Trump, Donald Trump's niece. In her memoir, she tells the background of the Trump family history and what made Donald Trump the dangerous man he is today. Donald Trump's upbringing, more specifically his father, made him the person he is today; a narcissistic, selfish, deceptive man.

1. Donald Trump's father started his business with some skill and a whole lot of government assistance 

Fred Trump built extensions for garages, and with the amount of government assistance given to him, he was able to build a successful business on which his family capitalized on for years to come.

2. Donald paid someone to take his SATs for him

That college degree that he's always bragging about - it wasn't even earned by him. Mary recalls that he paid Joe Shapiro to take his SAT test for him, and that he paid people to do his college work for him.

3. Sexism, racism and homophobia runs in the Trump family

Mary Trump had to have a secret wedding because she married a woman. Mary also recalls sexist and racist remarks being said by the Trump family, in a later interview with Rachel Maddow, Mary confirms that Donald Trump has said racist slurs.

4. Trump has had several businesses go bankrupt after accumulating too much debt

He drove six businesses bankrupt to be exact. He had a failed business model for his casinos that caused him to close several of his casino locations.

5. Donald Trump's father awarded selfish and cruel behavior

This especially ran true when it came to Donald bullying his brother (Mary's father) since they were kids. His upbringing in this way has transferred to his behavior in adulthood.

6. Trump Management stopped paying for their family’s health insurance (including their sick nephew)

When the Mary and her brother threatened to sue the Trump siblings for their father's share of their Freddy Trump's estate, the Trump family cut off the medical insurance that Trump Management had provided for them their whole life, "My brother depended upon this insurance to pay for my nephew's crushing medical expenses," Mary Trump wrote. They relied on this health insurance to help with her nephew's seizures and being in and out of the hospital. This was an evil and malicious attempt to silence Mary and her brother.

7. Jared Kushner's family thought Ivanka wasn't good enough for him

Ivanka had to convert to Judiasm and Kushner's family still wasn't sure if she would be good enough for him. I always sort of knew Jared Kushner was stuck up like that. She should have said no.

7. Donald Trump even sexually harassed his own niece 

When Mary accompanied Trump at his Mar-a-Lago resort, Trump sexualized his own niece, she recalled him saying "Holy shit, Mary. You're stacked" when seeing her in a bathing suit for the first time.

8. The Trump family are avid re-gifters

Yes, you heard that right. Mary Trump recalled receiving rewrapped and regifted presents from the Trumps. One item, as she recalled, was very obviously missing from the gift basket. Her cousin suggested it was caviar, guess they took the good stuff for themselves.

10. Trump is not the "genius" business man he wants you to think he is

Not only has Trump had several companies that went bankrupt, at one point he was cut off from loaning from the bank because he kept borrowing money he couldn't pay back. It's very possible that Trump is not worth as much as we think his is, which is most likely why he hasn't released his tax returns. His wealth is merely an act, and most of his wealth was inherited and borrowed from his father.

11. Trump often mistreated women who rejected him

This was not too surprising given the rampant sexism that Donald Trump displays. Mary Trump highlights this when she talks about how Trump has insulted Madonna and the ice skater Katarina Witt, women whom have both rejected him.

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