Indulging in sugar and sweets has always been a thing I would do as a kid, and this habit has transitioned into my early life as an adult. Besides my love for caffeine I have developed as a college student (thanks, coffee), I would still indulge in the sweets I used to eat as a kid. Some of these sweets include candies like chocolate and gummies. As people know, too much sugar is not good for the human body. Yet, I know when to cut my limits down with sugar, and having a sugar addiction isn't as bad as having an addiction with other substances that can produce more serious consequences.

To start off, having a small addiction or craving to sugar isn't as bad as it seems. As long as someone consumes it once and then is it alright. It is much better to have a small craving or addiction to sugar rather than other negative substances including alcohol or drugs. I would much rather pay a visit to the dentist for having one or two cavities as opposed to having a life with an increased risk for cancer, and my brain cells being killed when I consume alcohol. An addiction to drugs and alcohol can tear friendships apart, while an addiction to sugar can actually bring people together such as going out for ice cream, or buying chocolate at a candy shop.

I know I am not the only person who has a small addiction. There are many people out in the world who love to indulge in sugary snacks. For me, I love treating myself whenever I should celebrate. Some forms of celebration include acing a final exam, finishing a long day of school, and when I received good news in my life like landing a good job. One moment I remember when treating myself out was when I found out I was selected to be a facilities assistant at DePaul. The process was extremely competitive, and I treated myself and bought gummy bears. The way I celebrate accomplishments is by satisfying my sweet tooth.

It's important to consume things in moderation, and I want people to indulge in something and treat themselves to what their interests and likes are. I want people to be happy, and you should be happy when you accomplish something. A way I make myself happy is with indulging with sweets, and I am not ashamed of this.