George Floyd Said 'I Can't Breathe,' And As Black Americans, We Can't
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We Can't Breathe, Even When We're Free

George Floyd is the latest name on a list that should not be growing.

We Can't Breathe, Even When We're Free

"Don't shoot!"

"I'm unarmed!"

"I can't breathe!"

Sound familiar? These are the cries of the African American community when a police officer is involved.

These are the cries of freedom. When I hear these quotes in any video, I just want to yank the police officer and tell them, "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH." How long will this take to stop this? There are protests and riots about this social and political issue, and there is still no impact in our world.

George Floyd was pinned down by a police officer in Minneapolis. The police officer used his knee to pin him down on his neck. George Floyd cries, "I can't breathe! You're hurting me!" He was shouting this until his breath ran out. He died crying for help. He died knowing that there was nothing he could do to save himself. Why? Because he was a black man. A black man who was loved by his family, but being a black man made him a target in our society today.

Heard this before? Because this has happened too many times.

Oscar Grant.

Michael Brown.

Ahmaud Arbery.

Breonna Taylor.

The list will continue if we don't do something about this. People call us wild. Well, when you threaten or kill somebody, you will see that effect. People call us angry. Because we tired. We are tired of working twice as hard to get half of what everyone else gets. We are tired of being targets every time we walk out of our homes.

We are tired, and we have had enough.

It's crazy how one simple thing like this changes the perspective of the purpose of the police. The police are known to protect and serve us, yet, they protect and serve their title. Because they have the badge, that means they have the guts to abuse our community. Who are we supposed to rely on? Who are we supposed to call when we need help? Because regardless of what we do, we always end up dead.

Colin Kaepernick takes a knee to respect our country and faces backlash.

This police officer takes a knee on George Floyd, and the same people are silent.

Isn't that crazy?

We are the same hands who built this country, and you treat us like this? How do you think we feel? Our ancestors fought for us to be free, but I guess the only thing they did was taking out the "White Only" sign. Our foundation started with us, and yet you find us threatening because of what you see on TV.

It's a shame that I look at the next generation of young black boys and girls, and as children, they should enjoy their lives, and enjoy being kids. Yet, they are scared to walk out the door without being targeted.

Just like George Stinney Jr.

Just like Tamir Rice.

Just like Emmett Till.

Why can't we live by the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.? Not being judged by the color of our skin, but by the content of our character? If we want this to change, we all need to change.

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