I Asked Young Adults Their Favorite Parts of Their Morning Rituals, And At-Home Workouts Are Having A Moment
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I Asked Young Adults Their Favorite Parts of Their Morning Rituals, And At-Home Workouts Are Having A Moment

Our lives have changed a lot in the past year, and along with everything else, so have our morning routines.

I Asked Young Adults Their Favorite Parts of Their Morning Rituals, And At-Home Workouts Are Having A Moment

While we were socialized to be a part of the group that stumbles out of bed into the shower, getting ready for work (or class), grabbing a granola bar for class, and stopping for Dunkin on the way in, being locked at home has changed our perspective on how mornings could be.

As a self-proclaimed morning person, I prided myself on being one of the first ones awake in my house. While everyone was barely opening their eyes, I'd already had two cups of coffee, made breakfast, and was probably on my way to a yoga class. I had a regimented schedule; one that worked for me, and got my day going quickly.

However, by the time March 2020 rolled around, my life (like everyone else's) was flipped upside down. There was no reason to hustle out the door- nor was there a need to be anywhere. Fast-forward to October 2020, where things are slowly returning to normal, the majority of us are still working from home, or are attending virtual classes.

I asked 13 young adults between the ages of 19 and 24 what their favorite parts of their morning rituals are. The responses vary, and I learned a lot about my peers' personal morning routines. Personally, my running around in the morning turned into having a cup of coffee while sitting at my kitchen table in a moment of silence before getting ready for my day- which a lot of my peers do as well!

Routine 1: Coffee or Tea

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This should not come to a surprise to anyone, but apparently, everyone requires their morning caffeine- and who can blame them? Whether you take it with cream and sugar or prefer it with almond milk, college students will take all of the energy they can get.

With this, however, came my follow-up question: do you drink it on the way out the door, or at home?

I was surprised to learn that, while I thought that most students would just grab coffee or tea at Dunkin' on their way to class, many people I interviewed actually chose to drink it on their own in the morning. If no one told you- here's your friendly reminder to take some time for yourself, and the morning is perfect

Routine 2: Breakfast

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It definitely is the most important meal of the day! After getting through the conversations with my interviewees, I really couldn't wait for breakfast the next day! While some students admitted to running out the door and grabbing something quickly, or making a protein shake, some shared that they do, in fact, make "real" breakfast before leaving for the day. At a loss for ideas? Try egg whites and avocado toast- it keeps me fueled until lunch!

Routine 3: Morning workout

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Whether you're hitting Concannon bright and early or going for a run around Eaton Street, the majority of people I spoke to said how they like to get their day started by getting their heart rate up! I personally agree- it's a great way to get moving, and there's been research that shows that working out early is beneficial for your mental and physical health.

PS: Need some help with at home workouts? Check out some of the best quarantine-friendly workouts here.

Routine 4: To-do lists

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From sports to club meetings, office hours, and finally, class, our days can get busy. One of the best ways to stay organized is through to-do lists or using a planner! I recommend making to-do lists during the day to hold yourself accountable for what you need to get done (and to stay on track). There are journals or planners available at your local Paper Store or CVS (or even at the Providence College bookstore).

All in all, even though our days can be hectic, don't forget to take some time for you. Use those lists to remind yourself to drink your water, to make that meeting that you'd been putting off, or to go grocery shopping (again).

Stay well!

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