I Asked 16 People What They Missed Most About College And Students' Priorities Are Interesting
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Student Life

I Asked 16 People What They Missed Most About College And Students' Priorities Are Interesting

"It is strange how we hold on to the pieces of the past while we wait for our futures."
Ally Condie

I Asked 16 People What They Missed Most About College And Students' Priorities Are Interesting

Fall always reminds me of college; i have so far been doing okay since graduating from SUNY Albany but I do get the nostalgic feel about college sometimes! I miss seeing my friends around, dance club, going to classes and just hanging out in dorms. I asked people what they miss most about college and here are the answers that I got:

1. "Being so close in distance with many friends!"
2. "Having many neighbors in similar stages of life. :)"
3."Hmm...I go with access and opportunities/access to articles and journals and a huge library; opportunities to study abroad, to attend guest lectures and guest speakers, to go to special screenings and events."
4. "I miss working towards a specific goal-graduating-and having a (more or less) fixed end date for when that would be finished, which made it feel like there was the opportunity for anything I didn't like about my situation at the time to change for the better once I was done."
5. "Living with and around friends."
6. "Drugs."
7. "Probably one of the things I miss most in life, football. Haha. Yeah, playing college ball was great. Only really liked three things about college personally; football, research, and being surrounded by friends."
8. "I miss friends too; Always having people to hang out with for sure."
9. "Being so close to all my friends that we could hang out at any given time."
10. "Having fun with friends and not having to stress about work or life." 11. "The friends who live far away now."
12. "Walking to bars!"
13. "College radio station and having my own radio show!"
14. "Having all my closest friends around all the time and being able to spend time with them whenever I wanted too or needed them! Now, we're lucky if we see each other once a month haha."
15. "Living so close to all my friends."
16. "I'd have to say, living with your friends. It was either that or my old routine every day."

So these are the answers I got. I will always cherish my college days!

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