I'm so lucky to be apart of some Facebook groups these days. In these groups, there are posts that I can relate to and it's probably a sign that the one post that inspired this article is something that hits home a little with me. I decided that it was time to share how I felt about this topic because I know that it will be able to hit home with other women in our society no matter their size is on the scale.

Growing up, of course, I had big dreams and I still don't get me wrong. I like many other little girls had her Barbie cars with her Barbie dolls. As I grew older, I realized that Barbie wasn't a #goal to aspire to, as stuck thin and happy as she looked. I have realized that I am not like Barbie, but it is totally ok because other girls aren't either. I think social media has trained us to look a certain way through its lens. So even if I'm not following a certain model or celebrity, it will sometimes appear on my explore page for me to look at when I click on it. I'm just not sure if it is always good when I have that to look at. I want to be able to see Chrissy Teigen on my explore page because although she's a model, she keeps it real with how she eats and how her body truthfully is. She does not sugar code anything, and honestly, we need more of that and less of Barbie because we as a woman can't look up to Barbie-like we can with Chrissy.

I should feel ok about indulging with a delicious donut from time to time and boy will I ever. But I think that a good balance of healthy things and desserts is the key in life. I still don't have this balance quite figured out at the moment. To be honest, my sweet tooth comes out more than it should sometimes still. It's a work in progress for sure, but I have to remember that my body is mine, not barbies or someone from Instagram that I may be following. I eventually want to have barbies nice car, but my body is going to forever be my own with its own ups and downs. I've accepted that and I am so ready to continue down the path of being healthy and happy along with not having to worry about looking perfect on the outside.