As Someone With Immunocompromised Parents, I Am Begging You To Stay Home
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As Someone With Immunocompromised Parents, I Am Begging You To Stay Home

It won't kill you to stay in your house for a couple of weeks, but it might kill my parents and millions of others if you don't.

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Both of my parents have health problems. My mom has recurring cellulitis and diabetes amongst other things, and my dad spent three months in the ICU on a ventilator last year that weakened his immune system dramatically. They are both at an incredibly high risk for catching a severe case of COVID 19, and it terrifies me.

I am 20 years old and in good health. My immune system is fairly strong and I don't get sick often. If I get COVID 19, I will more than likely be fine. I may even be asymptomatic. The same cannot be said for my parents.

Every single day, I see people blatantly ignoring social distancing guidelines. I see people going to the store just to buy a pack of cigarettes. I see people hanging out with friends they do not live with, or even anywhere near. I see people still going to the lake, going on vacations, having house parties and bonfires, all with no regard at all for anyone but themselves.

If you are going to the store to get groceries for tour family to eat, that is one thing. If you and you entire family are going to Walmart together simply because you are bored in the house, that is entirely another, and it is incredibly selfish. By doing this, you are potentially putting yourself, your family, essential grocery store workers and their families, other patrons of the store, and anyone any of those people come into contact with, at risk. In case you don't watch the news or are incapable of reading the CDC guidelines about this virus, you can carry this virus and never show any symptoms. Saying "I am young and I feel fine" is not an excuse.

If you refuse to adhere to social distancing guidelines, if you blatantly ignore warnings from the CDC, it does not make you cool. Posting pictures of you with 15 people at the lake with the caption "social distancing" is not cute or quirky in any way. It is inconsiderate, ignorant and selfish. I know you miss your friends. I miss my friends too. I haven't seen my boyfriend in nearly a month. My grandmother lives right next door to me, and I haven't visited her because I am terrified of getting her sick. I don't go out unless absolutely necessary, I keep my distance from everyone else in the store, I carry hand sanitizer with me and wash my hands regularly, and I most definitely don't gather a bunch of my friends together and party because "we are all young and healthy."

Maybe you don't know a single person who is immunocompromised. Maybe there isn't a single person in your life that is considered high risk for dying from COVID 19. But I guarantee you, someone you know does know someone who is. Because of your selfishness, someone else could lose a friend or family member. Because of your refusal to spend just a couple of weeks at home, someone else's mom or dad could die alone in an ICU bed at the hospital. Because of your ignorance, I could lose my parents and not even be able to say goodbye to them.

Think of the doctors and nurses who will watch hundreds, potentially even thousands of people die with no one else in the room with them. Think of the children who will lose their parents and won't even get to have a funeral for them. Think of the people who are having to postpone weddings and baby showers and birthday parties because people like you keep going out when you don't need to, and the virus keeps spreading.

Please, I am begging you, for the sake of my parents, for the sake of your parents, and for the sake of millions of other people who don't deserve to die from this virus, stay at home. It will not kill you to spend two weeks in your house, but it may kill thousands of others if you don't.

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