I'm an almost 21 year old woman and I'm pro-choice.
Don't get me wrong, abortion is a sad topic:
A. sad for the women who feel the need, for whatever reason (lack of financial stability, lack of support, lack of knowledge, lack of health, rape, dangerous situation, etc.) to permanently end their potential child and-
B. yes, it's sad for the potential life at hand.

However, I'm pro-choice because I know for a fact there are not enough families willing to adopt the children they're fighting so hard to keep alive by attempting to ban abortion. Just look at the foster care system: it's filled with children who never receive the nurturing home they deserve and instead they're given a life full of emotional trauma. I mean, someone fought hard enough that their biological mother couldn't save them from this life, yet no one wants to give them a real life, either.

I cringe at how many people are actually NOT pro-life but instead just anti-abortion. Throwing an innocent child into such a disgusting world as this with no stable, fair chance at a safe, nurturing life to grow up in is selfish.

It's selfish to say "No, you can't have an abortion but also no, I would never foster or adopt it either. Oh, and I really think everyone on food stamps/assistance is a lowlife who just needs to work more. Oh .... but since you have a child at home, you need government assistance to help raise that kid because you can't pay for childcare so you can't work? AND (maybe) IT'S YOUR 4th KID???!!!! Yeah, you probably shouldn't be a parent!! But no, you still can't have that abortion!"

In addition, it's hardly ever the case that the mom didn't "want" the child. It's almost always that she knows she can't provide a suitable life for the child and perhaps she had rarely heard of success with adoption/foster care anymore. So, she does what she feels is the best thing for her baby.
Some people have been given a life that's provided them with the tools necessary to get to where they are while others fall to criminalistic behaviors i.e. drugs, so it's hard to imagine a life where, if the baby is born, he/she might be abused by the moms S/O or have to watch mom endure the beatings or sexual abuse (hey, maybe that's how she ended up pregnant!).
It's hard for them to imagine that there are HORRIBLE people who are allowed to foster and how adoption is NOT rainbows and butterflies.
It's hard to imagine that abortion might have just saved that child from a lifetime of pain and hurt which could lead to a recurring cycle.

In all, I support the choice to get a clinical abortion. Personally, I would never make this choice, but there are obviously thousands of women who have and who will. In regards to NY's late-term abortion, some women may choose to terminate because they can't handle the pain of carrying a child who has already passed and/or has slim-to-no chance of surviving and leading a healthy life then losing them again when the doctors odds were right. However, some women are able to endure that very tough, trying road of uncertainty. In both cases, I commend the women for doing what they thought was best for their baby.

+ I am not pushing or hoping for anyone to change their opinions or beliefs to think like me, because, as I said, this is MY view on this very controversial topic. I absolutely respect everyone with an educated opinion and strongly support the right to have a thought, just don't be a close-minded, meanie-head.

***I also feel I should take a minute to say that:
-I know there are people with hearts of gold who foster and who adopt.
-I agree that men should, in some cases, have a right in the decision making process, although that is a discussion for another blog.
-I know that a very minimal percent of women get an abortion because they weren't practicing safe sex, or their birth control failed them, or that maybe they just chose against bringing life into this world.
-I know that everyone has struggled with something at one point or another in their life.
-I am not implying everyone who is anti-abortion/ pro-life talks like the above stated scenario in block 4, but the overwhelming amount that subconsciously does, is disgusting. Although, if you're outraged by that scenario, you may be guilty of it.