It May Hurt To Be Human, But We've Got Each Other And That Makes It Better
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It May Hurt To Be Human, But We've Got Each Other And That Makes It Better

P!nk and Khalid's new song is a much needed pick-me-up.

It May Hurt To Be Human, But We've Got Each Other And That Makes It Better

P!nk's new song, featuring Khalid, is a very uplifting ballad, despite what the title may make you think. Before I listened to the song, I thought: "Oh, it's going to be a sad song." But, I'm pleased to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the uplifting nature of the lyrics. P!nk and Khalid acknowledge that life really sucks sometimes and there's nothing we can do to 100% avoid pain. In fact, pain isn't always a bad thing. We tend to grow and learn the most when we hurt. Surrounding yourself with people who can come alongside you and help you when you're struggling is key to suffering well. It hurts to be human, but we can struggle together.

We don't need to be reminded of the pain in this world. Earlier this month the spire of Notre Dame collapsed and much of the building was burned. The beautiful, renowned cathedral is now the color of charcoal. I think John Stonestreet said it very well in an op-ed for CNS News: "…many of us mourn, rightly, the loss of faith and transcendence this fire seems to represent. Over a century ago, Friedrich Nietzsche proclaimed cathedrals to be nothing more than the sepulchers of God. Of course, God is not dead in any ontological sense, but He is long forgotten in so many places where people were once inspired to build edifices for His worship, places like Notre Dame."

Just weeks ago, a man went to two different mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand and killed dozens of people while they were praying. What kind of person does that? Yes, it most certainly does hurt to be human. Families were torn apart that day and fear was put in people in a place where there shouldn't be fear. Whether it's a shooting at a church building, a mosque, a temple, or wherever, people shouldn't live in fear of living out their religious beliefs.

On Easter Sunday this year, many of us woke up to the notifications that there were bombings in churches in Sri Lanka. Hundreds of lives were lost. Yes, it hurts to be human. Part of being alive is suffering through loss. It doesn't seem fair and we question God as to why these tragedies happen. So many of those who died were children. They were innocent…why did God take them?

"God it hurts, to be human. Without you, I'd be losing. Yeah someday, we'll face the music. God, it hurts, to be human. But I've got you, and you've got me, too." We can all agree with that statement. How do we cope? By putting our hope in God, relying on Him for strength, and building each other up. It doesn't always erase the pain, in fact, the pain may always be there. God doesn't promise us a painless life. But sharing the burden makes it bearable. It hurts to be human, but I've got you and you've got me, too.

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