It May Hurt To Be Human, But We've Got Each Other And That Makes It Better

It May Hurt To Be Human, But We've Got Each Other And That Makes It Better

P!nk and Khalid's new song is a much needed pick-me-up.


P!nk's new song, featuring Khalid, is a very uplifting ballad, despite what the title may make you think. Before I listened to the song, I thought: "Oh, it's going to be a sad song." But, I'm pleased to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the uplifting nature of the lyrics. P!nk and Khalid acknowledge that life really sucks sometimes and there's nothing we can do to 100% avoid pain. In fact, pain isn't always a bad thing. We tend to grow and learn the most when we hurt. Surrounding yourself with people who can come alongside you and help you when you're struggling is key to suffering well. It hurts to be human, but we can struggle together.

We don't need to be reminded of the pain in this world. Earlier this month the spire of Notre Dame collapsed and much of the building was burned. The beautiful, renowned cathedral is now the color of charcoal. I think John Stonestreet said it very well in an op-ed for CNS News: "…many of us mourn, rightly, the loss of faith and transcendence this fire seems to represent. Over a century ago, Friedrich Nietzsche proclaimed cathedrals to be nothing more than the sepulchers of God. Of course, God is not dead in any ontological sense, but He is long forgotten in so many places where people were once inspired to build edifices for His worship, places like Notre Dame."

Just weeks ago, a man went to two different mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand and killed dozens of people while they were praying. What kind of person does that? Yes, it most certainly does hurt to be human. Families were torn apart that day and fear was put in people in a place where there shouldn't be fear. Whether it's a shooting at a church building, a mosque, a temple, or wherever, people shouldn't live in fear of living out their religious beliefs.

On Easter Sunday this year, many of us woke up to the notifications that there were bombings in churches in Sri Lanka. Hundreds of lives were lost. Yes, it hurts to be human. Part of being alive is suffering through loss. It doesn't seem fair and we question God as to why these tragedies happen. So many of those who died were children. They were innocent…why did God take them?

"God it hurts, to be human. Without you, I'd be losing. Yeah someday, we'll face the music. God, it hurts, to be human. But I've got you, and you've got me, too." We can all agree with that statement. How do we cope? By putting our hope in God, relying on Him for strength, and building each other up. It doesn't always erase the pain, in fact, the pain may always be there. God doesn't promise us a painless life. But sharing the burden makes it bearable. It hurts to be human, but I've got you and you've got me, too.

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There's A Perfect Luke Combs Song For Every Situation

If you're going through ANY kind of situation, Luke probably has a song for it.


Saying that I'm a Luke Combs-lover would be an understatement. I've seen him in concert almost more times to count on two hands, I've met him, I have his autograph... I'm a little obsessed. Knowing every lyric to every song of his is definitely a talent. He is an incredible artist and has gotten me through every tough time I've ever been through.

1. "One Number Away"

If you have an ex who you really just want to pick up the phone and call sometimes, then this song is definitely for you. It has such a strong meaning explaining that if you're just lonely and missing someone that you probably shouldn't, they're only one number away..

2. "When It Rains It Pours"

Having a bunch of bad crap happen all at once is awful, but then again, it sometimes works out for the best. If you've ever had a bad day or week where it just seems that one bad thing is happening after another, then this is definitely a jam for you.

3. "This Ones For You"

If you have that certain person or group of people that really have always been there for you and helped shape you into the person that you are today and you really feel like you owe them something, this is the perfect song that will really put into words how you're feeling!

4. "Be Careful What You Wish For"

Sometimes we take what we have for granted, and we don't realize what we have or how good we have it until its gone. Most could say they've been in this situation once or twice or at least know someone that has. If so, I highly recommend listening to this gem by Luke!

5. "Must've Never Met You"

We have all had that one person in our lives that we have ended things with and we have all of these people trying to be positive saying, "Oh, it gets better," or "The grass is greener on the other side." Sometimes that can be hard for us to believe. This is definitely a super meaningful song especially if you've ever been in a situation like that.

6. "She Got The Best Of Me"

If you have ever been with someone who truly has got the best of you, and when it's over you kinda just feel like there's nothing left of you, then you DEFINITELY need to hear this song!

There are so many more Luke Combs songs that have such deep meanings and backgrounds that could fit the perfect situation for you. Luke really is such a great artist with the best intentions for his fanbase, The Bootleggers. Go check him out, I promise you won't regret it!

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10 Jonas Brother Songs That Complete The Perfect 2008 Nostalgia Playlist

My prepubescent 12-year-old self is still fangirling.


2019 is the year of the comebacks, with the most infamous one being the Jonas Brothers. My prepubescent 12-year-old self is still fangirling. I never thought the day would come where we would get another bop from the jo bros. In honor of this glorious event, I am counting down their best songs to date.

10. "When You Look Me In The Eyes"

This song is on this list only for my mother's sake. She almost fist fought someone during the burning up a tour and went on a rant because they were not going to play this. (They did for the encore)

9. "Year 3000"

This makes the list as number 9 because it was not only the first song that made me fall in love with them, but it also made me want to buy a Kelly Clarkson album.

8. "Play My Music"

Now granted, this was on the camp rock album it still is one of the best songs in their career. Every time they would play this on the Disney channel I would literally jump out of my seat to dance and pretend I was at their concert.

7. "Pom Poms"

The weak attempt at their first comeback due to creative differences gave us this gem. I will always play this at my cousin's soccer game due to the upbeat vibe and positivity it gives.

6. "Hold On"

This brought me to tears at the tender age of 9, with my imaginary boyfriend.

5. "We Got The Party" ft. Hannah Montana

Sweet Mama, this song is great for a summer day.

4. "Sucker"

This second attempt at a comeback was so much better than the first. This song is definitely the song of the summer.

3. "Lovebug"

This really put me in my bag and still does in 2019.

2. "S.O.S"

Kevin's dance to this made everything.

1. "Burning Up"

This was the first rap I memorized and is the most iconic song of 2008.

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