First and foremost, safety should be everyone's first priority during a hurricane or any type of storm. Mother nature can be very scary and it's important to be prepared for the worst. I have compiled a list of things you can do to get ready for a hurricane and things you can do during the storm to pass the time! As someone who has lived through multiple storms, I have many tips for this type of event.

1. Stock up on food 

You'll be glad you bought food and supplies if you are stuck after a storm with no electricity. Buy canned foods, chips, cookies, or anything else you like that is non perishable. If you don't have a generator, all the items in your fridge will go bad. It is important to have these basic canned things so that you and your family and friends don't go hungry. During Irma last year, by electricity went out for days and we ended up not having enough food to last the whole time. Driving to Publix in the storm's aftermath was awful. Try to avoid this by having all the food you may need for the time being.

2. Have water available

Buy enough water before the storm to last you. Water is even more important than food. Buy bottles before it's too late and places either run out or raise the prices tremendously. It is also important for you to fill up bathtubs with water so that you'll have some available during and after the storm.

3. Buy supplies that may be needed

Flashlights, batteries, battery powered radios, and first aid kits are vital in many of these storms. You'll want to know what's going on outside, and will need ways to power those things. If someone gets hurt, having first aid on hand is always needed.

4. Protect your home and vehicles

If shutters are needed for your house, make sure you put them up beforehand. I know these can be a huge pain to put up, but they are extremely helpful during a windy storm that can blow trees literally anywhere and everywhere. Also, if you have a garage, try to fit all your cars inside, if not, try to park it in the safest place you deem possible. If your home is not safe, please evacuate the area or take refuge somewhere safer like a school or a hospital. Shelters are everywhere during these storms.

5. Have board games to play and books to read

Going without WiFi in this day in age is awful. You will want something fun and entertaining to pass the time if your electricity goes out and you have nothing to do. Board games are great for family and friends and books are great if you want to escape for a bit.