So with the recent tragedy of Hurricane Harvey hitting the Texas area, and with Hurricane Irma hitting the Caribbean islands, Florida, and other Southeastern states, there has been a lot of talk about these events on the media. Along with the many organizations and businesses donating to relief efforts through various ways, encouraging bible verses to inspire hope, and photos of the aftermath and what's to come, there has been a bit of media circling around that I don't quite know if I can agree with it.

Hurricane memes.

I completely understand why people have created these and why they have posted or re-shared them. Some people feel as if you should try to joke and find humor in horrible times such as this to lighten the mood and get people's minds off of the tragedy taking place. That makes perfectly good sense. I agree that after what these people have been through, they deserve a little something to get their minds off of things and crack a little smile.

However, some of the memes floating around social media, Facebook in particular, are a little much. Some are a little insensitive. I know you are trying to lighten the gloom, but I feel as if some of the victims see these, it will only make things worse. Our ultimate goal should be to be a support system to these people. They don't need to see somebody who didn't have to go through what they went through joking about their situation.

Think if you were in their shoes. You had just lost your home, family members, pets, all of your belongings. You finally find shelter, get on Facebook eventually, maybe just to tell everyone on your friend list that you are okay since that is quicker than giving everyone a call, and then you see it. One of your friends from a few states over posted a meme about "George Strait's exes" or something else that pokes fun at the storm that just tossed about your life. Do you think you would laugh? Would you be angry? Would it make you upset that your friends were that insensitive?

I try to think of these things when I post/repost. I have posted things before not thinking of how it may affect others, and I have hurt feelings and made some mad.

In this time of tragedy, let's try to think of how the victims must feel, and how afraid the people must be that are in the path of the next one. Let's try to make sure that what we post is considerate. If you think it's funny, I don't blame you because some of them have been. I know most of you have only shared them for that reason, not to hurt/anger others. However, let's try to watch what we post, and get through this tragedy together.