This is a time of need, but all you can do sometimes is hope for the best. I am just a 19-year-old girl studying music in a college in Pennsylvania. I don't know anything about science, and I can't do anything to stop Hurricane Florence. What I can do, is share memes with my friends. So that is what I've proceeded to do this whole rainy week as Hurricane Florence approached the coast.

One by one, the events started to pop up on my news feed of friends being interested in events. And instead of wondering whether or not you could actually fight a hurricane with every single fan in the world, I just share memes about it. And ask every single friend if they think it's possible.

1. Shooting guns at Hurricane Florence to scare it away

2. Use all of our fans at once to blow away Hurricane Florence

3. Listen to Florence & the Machine as Hurricane Florence wrecks D.C.

4. Cover Hurricane Florence with flex tape 

5. Blast Kamehamemas at Hurricane Florence from the Carolina Coast

6. Point at Hurricane Florence and sternly tell it to go away 

7. Shout "Begone, Thot!" at Hurricane Florence 

8. Threaten Hurricane Florence with lawsuit to scare it away 

9. Yell "fake news" at Hurricane Florence 

10. Take Hurricane Florence and PUSH it somewhere ELSE!

11. Boycott Hurricane Florence 

12. Sacrifice FL to appease Hurricane Florence 

13. Do the hokey pokey at Florence so she'll turn herself around

14. Destabilize Hurricane Florence by running around it really fast 

In all reality, Hurricane Florence is not really a situation to joke about. There are families that are going to be severely hurt by this. Their homes will be destroyed. Thousands of precious memories lost forever. And that is heartbreaking to hear.

So a word of advice for all of those that Hurricane Florence will effect: empty your dishwasher and store valuables in there. Photo albums. Jewelry. Anything precious to you. Your dishwasher is waterproof. As long as you lock it, it will be sealed from the water. You can't take everything, so do this for what you can't take.