Humans of Orlando Queenie Rolen Interview
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Humans Of Orlando: Queenie Rolen, An Artist With A Passion

A sit down interview with a growing artist of variety of modes who is trying to find her place in this world.

Humans Of Orlando: Queenie Rolen, An Artist With A Passion
Queenie Rolen

I've had the privilege of working with Queenie the past few months and even though she's petite she commands the room in such strong calm sense that makes you feel comfortable to be around.

Her eyes lit up whenever you get the chance the talk about her paintings or sculptures that almost seems so third dimension to the naked eye. I was so happy to sit down and ask her a few questions about her passion and her journey so far.

Lady and The Tramp EarsQueenie Rolen

Q: Tell me a little about yourself?

My name is Queenie Tabag and I am currently 22 years old. I graduated from UCF in August of 2018 and have a Bachelors in Science and a minor in Studio Art. I have wanted to be in the medical field for a while because of my admiration for the way my family pediatrician interacted with his patients and even by my own younger brother's birth as a premature baby. I aspire to be a physician assistant and hope to make a difference in people's lives. I still do art whenever I can and consider myself a painter. I mostly work with acrylics and enjoy doing realism or surrealism pieces.

2. Both an artist and working in a medical field is such a beautiful passion. What profession are you in currently?

I currently don't have a dedicated profession I am in but I am working three different jobs while I'm figuring out the path I want to go to in life. I work as a Sales Associate at Plato's Closet, a Captioning Assistant at Captel, and a Scribe at a clinic. It sure keeps my life busy but I am able to fine tune different skill sets in the process.

3. What got you passionate to become an artist?

Growing up, I was in awe at the fact that someone created the cartoons and animated movies I loved so much. To be able to tell a story through visuals was inspiring to me. I wanted to be able to make the ideas in my mind reality and be able to share it with others as well.

4. Who do you look up to in the painting/design industry?

My favorite artist of all time is a filmmaker name, Hayao Miyazaki. He does traditional 2-D animation and creates these films that are just beautiful works of art. He has a way of creating these worlds that you can't help but immerse yourself in. It's not just the style of his art but the way he tells his story that made such an impact on my artistic ideals.

WonderlandQueenie Rolen

5. What do you think is the importance of a positive influence on social media?

Social media has become such an accessible medium in today's society that it's hard not to be exposed to it. Especially if a person if very well known, it would be harder to hide away from the spotlight that is social media. Anything you say or do online can be seen and spread by thousands of people. This makes it extremely important to be cautious of what one says and does because if all eyes are on you, your actions can influence someone for better or for worse. Negative actions and thoughts can only breed more negativity but that also goes the same for positives one as well. That's why it's so important to spread positivity when you are given that voice because not only can you influence others to be the best versions of themselves but also come together to make the world a better place.

6. I feel that your art expresses the positivity that people need. What are your goals in 2019?

I want to create more art in 2019. Ever since I graduated, I've hit a roadblock when it comes to my creativity. I haven't had the motivation or the time to just sit down and let the creative juices flow. I want to be able to find a balance in my life where I can just create art.

7. What can you say to someone that wants to start doing art?

Art is all about patience in not just the piece itself but also in who you are as an artist. There were so many times where I would constantly compare myself to another artist and how I wish I could create a piece just like theirs. Over time, I've come to realize that no matter how much I try to replicate another's style or atmosphere, it won't turn out quite the same. It takes time to find your voice as an artist and it starts with pushing yourself little by little every day. No matter how good or bad you think a piece may be, be proud of it because it helped you become one step closer to being the artist you want to be.

8. What do you think about the expression of art used today more and more through social issues and injustices today?

Art has always been used to make a statement about issues we face in society whether they are social or political ones. As technology advances, we begin to see these issues tackled in commercials, TV shows, and movies more directly than ever before. Our society today isn't afraid to make these issues known to the public no matter how controversial it may appear. It brings light to an issue that needs action to be taken upon it and as long as we bring attention to it, action will take place.

9. How has the art platform change the way you're able to produce and be creative and reach people?

Thanks to social media, I was able to become a bigger part of the art community. I never realized until I started looking around that there are always art shows open to those who want to be a part of it and share their work with the community. I was always under the impression that it would be difficult for me to show in a gallery because I'm not a very well known or established artist, but there are galleries out there just for that so you can make a name for yourself. Social media has made it easier to put my artwork out there for everyone to see and I don't need to leave the comfort of my home to be inspired by other artists when their creations are online as well.

Heres how you can get to know Queenie more:

Instagram: @queenierolen


May Your Dreams Be As SweetQueenie Rolen

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