Undeniably, Netflix was the start of major online streaming. It was one of the big starts to binge-watching and online movies and shows at your fingertips. It was truly the beginning of an era. From Netflix and Chill memes to parodies of popular songs, Netflix became an iconic part of the media. It was the first big start, but it's come time for all of us to admit that it has been dethroned. Sit down, Netflix. Hulu is the new king of streaming services.

I really never intended to get Hulu because I had Netflix, but with the incredible student deal with Spotify, Hulu was added to my streaming library. At first, I was skeptical because the addition of advertisements didn't sound like a positive one, but really with the quality of the content that's on Hulu, it's more than worth it.

When I started off, I was most excited for Hulu because all of the adult animation shows that left Netflix that I loved moved over to Hulu. At first, I almost exclusively used Hulu for "Bob's Burgers" and "Family Guy." However, through hanging out and watching those shows, I started seeing ads for interesting looking things and soon enough, I fell in love.

One of the things that used to be a bonus of Netflix was their Netflix Originals. They were new and interesting and up with the times. Recently, they've taken a more problematic turn. There are a few good ones (I see you, "To All The Boys I've Loved Before"), but for those, there are equal, if not greater amounts of troublesome Originals ("Sierra Burgess" and "Thirteen Reasons Why.") However, Hulu is coming out with some really incredible and really relevant content. They have "Ramy" that I'm currently into that shows a Muslim millennial trying to find a balance of honoring his religion and living as a young person in today's society.

They also have a really dope anthology of themed horror films that are brilliantly done by Blumhouse (responsible for "The Conjuring," "Sinister," and all the best ones). "Broad City" is also a great show that Hulu has claimed the honor of holding, as well as "Love Island" and "Brooklyn 99."

Really the only things that Netflix has going for it anymore are "The Office," "Friends," and "American Horror Story." Netflix has become a place to rewatch some old faves, rather than seek out new content. It's kind of sad to see really. They were the big start of everything and now they're dwindling to their end. If they want to stay competitive, they really need to strategize their comeback. At the current moment, you can forget Netflix and Chill. Hulu and Woohoo is the new move, folks. All aboard.