A Definitive Ranking Of The Characters On How To Get Away With Murder

A Definitive Ranking Of The Characters On How To Get Away With Murder

What would Annalise Keating do?

Shonda Rhimes is a genius. An evil, twisted genius. Ever since "How to Get Away With Murder" (HTGAWM) came out 2 years ago, I've been completely hooked. I mean, how can you not be? There's mystery, intrigue, a little bit of romance, and a whole lot of law-breaking.

Every time you think that you know what's going on in the show, or you think you know who murdered who, Shonda serves up a million plot twists and leaves you waiting frantically for the next episode. Since we're all slaves to Shondaland, let's enjoy a ranking of the characters on the best show that she's ever created (sorry Grey's and Scandal fans).

Warning: spoilers ahead.

12. Sam

Sam has literally zero redeeming qualities. He cheated on Annalise with his STUDENT, got said student pregnant, and then had her killed?! Oh, and he also tried to kill Rebecca (who, granted, was kind of annoying, but still), messed around with Bonnie, and was basically just an all-around asshole.

11. Bonnie

Okay, first of all, Bonnie only has one facial expression, so if that doesn't say something about her bland personality, I don't know what does. The woman never expresses any emotion. Not when she slept with Asher, not when she killed Rebecca, and hardly anything when she slept with Frank.

Maybe like 3 tears and that was it. She's always lurking in Annalise's shadow, giving everybody the side-eye. Bonnie only seems to step up when no one else will or when she's given a direct order.

10. Nate

Everybody seems to think that Nate is a good guy, but can we just take a moment to remember when he was cheating on his dying wife with Annalise?! Like come on, cheating on someone is bad enough, but when your wife is dying from cancer?

Not to mention the fact that he's basically everybody's bitch in the show. The only real purpose he serves for anyone is to get information from the police station for people, especially for Annalise.

9. Rebecca

Rebecca's bad girl attitude was kind of intriguing at first, but her act got old pretty quick. She wanted to pretend that she was independent and didn't need anybody's help when she clearly needed the whole Keating team to save her ass. Did Rebecca actually care about Wes, or was she just using him? We'll never know.

8. Wes

Can we just talk about Wes's abnormally stiff neck for a minute? There's just something weird about the way he moves his head. For one of the most important characters on the show, Wes doesn't seem to do a whole lot. He mostly just follows everyone else around with a vaguely confused look on his face.

Wes always tries to be the moral compass, but in the end, he's always helping the others cover things up. However, most of the drama does center around Wes and Annalise, which makes him a necessary part of the show.

7. Frank

Ugh, Frank is so sexy and dark and tortured. His sexual tension with Laurel keeps things interesting, but it's also hard to ignore the fact that they don't have the best relationship. And then there is the small issue that he's lowkey an assassin and he killed Annalise's baby. But you've gotta give him credit for always being around to clean up everyone's messes.

6. Oliver

Oh, Ollie. I wanted to rank him higher, but he just seems like he's locked in a downward spiral. At first, he was the lovable, cute computer geek that was going to warm up Connor's seemingly cold heart. But then he dumped Connor and broke his heart just so he could try out being single again. Then he decided to make it way more awkwardly painful by working for his ex-boyfriend's boss.

Plus, he gets all judge-y when the others talk about the bad stuff they've done, but he does illegal hacking multiple times a day?! While the others seem to hate what they end up doing for Annalise & Co., Oliver seems weirdly attracted to the dark side. And let's not forget about that time that he selfishly deleted Connor's Stanford acceptance.

5. Annalise

Annalise is a boss-ass bitch in the courtroom, but when it comes to her personal life, she's got some issues. The woman has terrible morals - her first instinct is to lie about everything, and she has no problem bringing everyone else into her tangled web of lies. She comes off as a strong, independent woman, but in a twisted way, I think she secretly loves that so many people depend on her. But she does get major points for her killer style (pun intended).

4. Michaela

Michaela is the queen of getting what she wants. She's incredibly hard-working and ambitious, and she isn't willing to take no for an answer. After the whole fiasco with her fiance, she started to soften up a little bit. She might come off as an uptight perfectionist, but when it comes to it, she's actually pretty loyal and caring. She (begrudgingly) gave Asher a chance, opened her up her couch to Connor, and ended up being a friend to Laurel when she needed one. Bonus points for her apartment design aesthetic.

3. Asher

Asher wins the award for "Most Changed Since the Beginning of the Show." In the first season, he was the annoying, entitled rich boy that always got left out of everything. During season 2, his ego deflated a little bit, and we started to see a sweeter side of him. Now, Asher is downright adorable. He's slowly turning the Keating crew into friends and he always does his best to keep the mood upbeat with his goofy jokes. Asher is basically just like a bumbling little puppy- you can't stay mad at him for long.

2. Connor

Connor Walsh is the total package. He's sexy, smart, and sarcastic. He calls people out on their bullsh*t and he's not afraid to speak up when he wants something. His sweet side with Oliver is the adorable yin to his super confident yang. And we can't forget that he can do that thing to your ass that will make your eyes water.

1. Laurel

Laurel is the kind of character that never stops surprising you, and for that, she earns the number one spot. At first, you think she's just the shy, quiet one in the back. But you can't underestimate Laurel because she's tougher than she looks and quick on her feet.

Couple that with her weird family issues, her flings with Frank and Wes, her brains, and her dark sense of humor, and you've got quite the complex character. She's strategic, smart, and capable. Towards the end of season two and at the beginning of season three, we start to see a new softer side of Laurel. Plus, her eyebrows are on FLEEK.

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