How Becoming A Tutor Changed My Life

How Becoming A Tutor Changed My Life

Becoming a private tutor put me on a path towards happiness.

If you were to tell me four years ago that I would be in school to become a teacher, I would have probably laughed in your face. All throughout high school, I wanted to be anything but a teacher. By senior year, I told myself that I was going to be a successful businesswoman and attended business school. I do not think I hated anything more in my life than I hated being a business student.

I remember when I took my SATs that I told myself that I would never take a standardized test again, even if my life depended on it. In between the little breaks I get between writing, editing, babysitting, and tutoring, I am studying for the Praxis test.

So, what was it that made me change my mind so dramatically on my career choice? During my freshman year of college, I was low on cash (honestly, who isn't in college?) and I sat myself down trying to figure out an easy way to make money that did not require me to sell my body. One day, while on one of the many Facebook pages I am a member of, a woman was looking for a tutor for her child. It suddenly clicked for me. I can tutor. Tutors make a lot of money, and don't work crazy hours. I then went crazy and posted on every group I was a member of that I could tutor children who are struggling in school.

Within give minutes, I got a hit. It was for a family in Springfield, New Jersey. I could not tell you how nervous I was walking into their home for the first time. While sitting with my student for that first hour, I realized that I was not happy with what I was doing with my life. From that moment on, I could not stand going to my business classes. I knew that business was not my calling, teaching was. Helping others was what I was brought on this Earth to do.

I immediately changed my major to Education and began looking for more tutoring opportunities. Soon, I began working with 4 families simultaneously. Quickly, I found a family that lived really close to me (literally right down the street) who needed a tutor. I truly don't think I knew how much I wanted to be an educator until I met this little boy.

This little boy was not struggling tremendously, but his parents called on me to help him develop stronger math skills. The look on his face every time he finally understand a new concept is what I want to experience everyday as an educator. (Side Note: I know this doesn't always happen, but one can be hopeful right?)

The moments of pure bliss this boy went through when I was teaching him is something I think about everyday. He is my inspiration and driving force to become a better teacher.

When I first became a tutor, I did not think that I would be changing my career path because I enjoyed it so much. Tutoring opened up a whole new world for me by teaching me that everyone can make a change for someone else, no matter how small the change may seem.

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10 Lab Struggles All Students Can Relate To

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10. Wow, these goggle marks are hideous.

These are going to last for at least another 3 hours. Well, at least I get to leave...and do this again next week.

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