How Trump's Mandate Will Affect the Women of America
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How Trump's Mandate Will Affect the Women of America

Birth Control and Why it Is So Important

How Trump's Mandate Will Affect the Women of America

Recently, the Trump administration has rolled back on the birth control mandate set in place via ObamaCare. Before it was rolled back, health insurance companies were supposed to give women affordable birth control that was included in their insurance policy. This new rollback gives employers the option to not include birth control coverage if it conflicts with their “religious beliefs and moral convictions”. This is essentially a form of protection for them.

Like many other women, this truly upset me. I have taken birth control since I was 14 for health reasons outside of just contraception. People tend to forget that birth control has multiple purposes and I think especially when religion comes into play too. It made me think back to my first appointment at the gynecologist. I was so nervous, feeling like I didn’t belong as I took in the visibly pregnant women and kids that dominated the waiting room. When I went into the office my doctor sat down with me and explained why birth control was my best option at that point. At the time I was having two periods a month with very heavy bleeding. It was painful and getting to an unhealthy point, which is why my mom scheduled an appointment. I was initially very against the idea of taking the pill at that age. It felt wrong because I believed it was just a contraceptive. Looking back now I see how wrong I was. Seeing my discomfort, the doctor took a different approach to the conversation. He had said, “What if I offer you a hormonal pill that will help regulate your cycle and the blood flow?” and immediately I agreed, to which he said, “that’s what birth control is, forget about the stigma.” This eased my anxiety and I was put on a very low dose pill that actually didn’t even work as a contraceptive.

Looking back on this memory, it further instills in me the belief that denying women the right to affordable birth control is wrong. A study based on government data from the National Survey of Family Growth conducted by Rachel K. Jones, helps explain the multi purposes of birth control that are non-contraceptive. Some of these include reducing cramps or menstrual pain, menstrual regulation, the painful side effects of menstruation such as migraines, acne treatment, and endometriosis treatment. 86% of teens aged 15 through 19, use birth control for non-contraceptive purposes. Taking into account the many purposes of the pill, this new bill seems ridiculous. Regardless of the reasons that women take this medication, women don’t need to be shamed. Reproductive rights have always and will always be under attack. It’s up to all of us to fight for our rights and the millions of women that will potentially be affected by this new mandate.

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