How to Throw the Perfect Friendsgiving

How to Throw the Perfect Friendsgiving


We’ve all heard of it, seen pictures and maybe even been a part one. But what exactly is “Friendsgiving?” 

According to Urban Dictionary, Friendsgiving is defined as, “The celebration of Thanksgiving dinner with your friends. This usually occurs on the Wednesday before or the Friday after Thanksgiving Day, since Thanksgiving is usually reserved for family gatherings.” Now that we know what Friendsgiving is, the real question is how do you make your gathering one for the books? 

If you are planning on hosting a Friendsgiving celebration, this year, here are a few tips that will help make yours a success.

1. Decide ahead of time who will be hosting, cooking, and bringing items. There is nothing worse than having too many cooks in the kitchen, too many chiefs and not enough Indians, too many people bringing the stuffing and not enough dessert… you get the idea. Before you invite your guests to your Friendsgiving celebration, make sure you have already planned jobs for those who need them. This will make the rest of the day go smoothly and make it more fun for everyone. PS: use paper products. No one likes doing the dishes… it’s okay to forget about being environmentally friendly for a day. 

2. Make a solid guest list. To make your Friendsgiving a success, make sure you remember to invite those who will make your event fun and enjoyable. Have a few friends who don’t get along and you don’t know who to invite? Easy. Put them at opposite ends of the table. Everyone gets invited and there aren’t any awkward mishaps in the buffet line.

3. Dress to impress. What better way to spend your Thanksgiving break than picking out a solid filter and caption to go with your Friendsgiving insta? Make sure you wear your best outfit so you aren’t the one ruining the picture with a tshirt and leggings. 

With these tips in mind, you will be sure to have the best Friendsgiving on the block. Be sure to take multiple pictures of the food, fun and of course your friends. Because what’s Friendsgiving without an insta-pic to prove it happened?

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The Basic Christmas List For Young Adult Women

If you're looking for the perfect gift, here's a list.

Looking for the #Basic list for young adult guys? Head right here.

1. Knit/Fleece Socks

Actually, any socks in general, #TBH.

2. Makeup

Hit up Ulta, Sephora or Amazon Beauty. Highlight/contour sets are always something us gals want but can never afford. There are also a lot of great makeup gift ideas here.

3. Big Comfy Sweaters

American Eagle / H&M; are great places to find these. FYI, you really can't mess up buying a girl a sweater!

4. Love Your Melon Hats

They're for a good cause and they're cute, so why not purchase one?

5. Comfy Lounging Clothes

Joggers, sweatshirts, half zips, hoodies...

6. 5 for $25


7. Jewelry

Alex & Ani and Pandora are always popping. Also, if you are shopping for a significant other, just listen to Bey!

8. Blanket Scarves

Ooooo... comfy and cute, that's like two gifts in one.

9. Coffee Accessories

Mugs, travel mugs, and coffee itself are all important to us.

10. Bras/Bralettes

If you're shopping for a close friend, then this is something you should look into, because a girl can never have enough bras.

11. Boots/Booties

A girl can never have enough of those either -- Christmas is a great excuse for another pair!

12. Handbags/Purses

We appreciate the names: Michael, Kate, Louis...

13. Fun Snacks and Candies

The stuff that we complain about that makes us fat is probably exactly the stuff we want.

14. College/Team Spirit Wear

You'll appreciate this gift so much when coming into college; having apparel different than the other students who raided the bookstore the first week and are all wearing the same thing.

15. Small Room Decor and Accessories

Francesca's is great with these things like canvas quotes, wall decals and more.

16. Keychains

Yes, the typical Kylie Jenner fur ball is so basic... but we love it.

17. Anything Nike

Just buy it.

18. A Polaroid Camera

I mean who doesn't want one?

19. Bath Bombs

Don't even go anywhere but Lush to get these.

20. Candles

I don't know what it is, but chicks dig good smell. Take a visit to Bath & Body Works (I'm addicted!) and you should be set for a couple years worth of gifts!

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Being Thankful When You Don't Think You Have Anything To Be Thankful For

Sometimes it's hard to see what we really have.


Thanksgiving is the season where everyone gathers together with family and friends to celebrate what they have.

However, sometimes we don't always feel like being thankful. Every day we are faced with an ever-changing world filled with violence, illness, trauma, and unhappiness.

It's hard sometimes to remember what we have to be thankful about when we constantly face things we aren't thankful for.

It's important to stay positive and remember what you do have to be thankful for. Instead of thinking about all the bad in the world, think about the good.

Stop worrying about rising tensions between countries, death, and other things out of your immediate control.

Be thankful for what you do have. Be thankful that you and your family are healthy. You have a home. You had a warm meal today. You have the opportunity to get an education. You saw your friends today. You had enough money to cover your grocery bill.

If you have to, start by thinking small. Be happy about the little things in life. Someone held the door for you or they complimented your outfit. Maybe you saw a really cute dog and that made your day.

This Thanksgiving and entire holiday season, remember what you do have and be thankful.

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