College parties are iconic.

You see movies about them, you hear songs about them, and you read news articles about the insane ones. If you're lucky, prior to going to college, you attended a couple. But there comes a time in every young college socialite's life when the burden is dropped onto their shoulders.

If you're ready to take on the task of creating a magically drunken night for your wild peers, look no further.

Here are a couple of very basic steps to throwing the perfect blowout:

Time & Location

Throwing a party at 10 PM on a Wednesday in the middle of Finals Week might get you some attendees, but it will not be a party. If you want to give your guests a good night, you've gotta make it convenient for them. Look at what's going on around the time you want to plan your party and plan accordingly. If everyone is just gonna try and leave early, why bother? But just so you know, Friday and Saturday are the weekly sweet spots.

Also, throwing a party in your apartment is cool for a couple friends, but it can get destructive and a little claustrophobic if you're going for something larger. If you know someone with an awesome party space, ask to borrow their place and gift them with a great night. Or money. Or beverages. Whatever floats their boat.


TOGA! TOGA! Just kidding. While the Toga party is the classic college party theme, it definitely isn't the only one. There's so many to choose from and sooo many to come up with. Here's a website with a nice sized list if you need some ideas. Themes are cool because they get your guests involved in the vibe. Also, it's great watching the weird costumes people come up with.


This is probably the most important part. The music is the vibe that your guests will ride together throughout the night, so you've gotta do it right. If you're lucky, that guy from your science class is a DJ that's looking for gigs other than weddings for old people. If not, you're gonna have to take care of the tunes yourself. I recommend either buying or borrowing some really good speakers and using Spotify on a computer to control the mood. It's super easy and it has some awesome playlists already made and ready to go.


A lot of your guests will want a spot to park while getting hydrated. You've gotta give the people options. Having a couple games going will add diversity to the scene and make some areas of your party more intimate. Note: drunk people like intimacy. Here are a couple ideas for games to set up. Having closed-off areas like bedrooms (with valuables hidden) will make some of these more fun. Think of it as setting up little VIP sections.


No one's going to come to your party if no one knows about it, duh. You've got to spread the word! Word of mouth will get you far, but it'll only get you so far. If you want to get the word out, spread it online. Make a Facebook event and get your guests to invite their friends if you want a big turnout. Include the theme in your invite so that guests know what to expect.


Parties are no fun if everyone is thirsty. If you really want your party to be a hit, you're gonna have to invest in beverages. To help with costs, team up with your friends and split the bill. Or you can make the party BYOB (Bring Your Own Beverages), but that's pretty risky, tbh.


If all of this seems like too much to bear alone, get a little help from your friends. Multiple hosts means less stress, more guests, and you get to share the honor of throwing an awesome party with your friends. Win. Win. Win.