How to Survive a Mid-Semester Crisis

It is getting to that point in the semester where you may be thinking “I don’t want to go to class,” “I hate school,” or even “I want to drop out.” Midterms are upon us and unfortunately, spring break is over, and summer is so close yet so far.

Give Yourself the Day Off:

I am not saying skip all of your classes and don’t do your homework. Find a day you do not have any classes or anything due and do what you enjoy most. Also, do things that will make you feel good, like read your favorite book or binge watch your favorite show. Just do what you wish you were doing when you are stuck doing school work. And don’t forget to treat yo self. Go get that spray tan or that manicure, if it makes you feel good about yourself, just do it, it’s only for one day. One day off won’t affect your future!

Listen to good music:

Music can both make and break a mood. Make yourself a great playlist of songs that will cheer you up, not drag you down. Just a little bit of advice, look for the playlists that are more positive not the ones with titles of ‘feels’ or in that category.

Go to Class:

As much as you have that temptation to not go because “just missing one class” is okay, it will turn into a habit, I promise you. Although I’m sure you’d rather spend that time doing just about doing anything else, when the time for the final comes, you will regret not going to class. Also, it’s a rewarding feeling when you actually go to lecture and test time comes around and you don’t have to learn EVERYTHING in a week.

Surround yourself with positive people:

This is an obvious statement for all aspects of life, but the most important when losing motivation. Having at least one positive person in your life can change everything. It is super important to know how to recognize those who are there for you. They will be the ones hyping you up and encouraging you to do your best, compared to those are the ones who could care less about your success.

Working out:

You have probably heard this in every possible health class, but working out releases endorphins, which long story short, are feel good chemicals. So you are already feeling better about yourself while doing something good for yourself. It can also give you more energy, so instead of going to take that nap, go wake yourself up at the gym instead of going back to your house or dorm room in between classes.

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