Use your syllabi:

As soon as you get your syllabi for the semester, put all of the major deadlines in your planner, on your phone, or write them down somewhere. That way when you learn about other things you need to do, you know exactly when you have assignments due. Really look at the assignments so that you know how much time you'll need for them so you can plan accordingly.

Put all events in your phone:

Calendar apps make it really easy to remember when you have events. You can set reminders minutes, hours, days, and even weeks before events (whatever works for you) so that you don't forget to attend mandatory events.

Sticky Notes:

Have sticky notes EVERYWHERE. Keep them on your desk and in your bag. Sometimes it's easy to remember something when you physically write it down. Leave them where you will see them.

Get a planner:

Find one specific place to write down all of your assignments and class related things. This is where you can refer to all of your assignments and their due dates without having to check all of your syllabi. However, this is where using your syllabi will come in handy. You can look for the specifics of these assignments there.

Use a whiteboard:

Hang a whiteboard up in your room. You can use this for lists of whatever is relevant to you every week. What's nice about whiteboards is that you can cross things off once you're done with them and then erase the list once you've completed it. Also, whiteboards are eco friendly!

Pick laundry days and shopping days:

It's easy to get wrapped up in everything school has to offer and end up with no food and no clean clothes. Pick a day that works for you to do laundry and another (or the same day) to go grocery shopping. If you start early in the semester, then it will become a routine.

Color code class related items:

It may sound trivial, but color coding things may help you remember what you need for class. For example, if you have a folder and a notebook for one class, choose ones that are the same color. This way you will know for that class you will need everything that is that color.

Find your own routine:

Everyone stays organized in their own way. Find what works best for you and stick to it!