Technically, it’s been spring since March 20th, but with the warmer weather coming, flowers sprouting, and birds chirping, it’s now actually starting to feel like spring. It’s a time of change, so maybe it’s time for you to change too. Here are a few ways in which you can “spring clean” your life.

The typical spring cleaning usually involves picking up around the house and yard. This can be a good start to your spring cleaning. Taking time to organize papers, books, closets, drawers, refrigerators, and many other aspects of your dwelling can make you feel refreshed and more focused. Get rid of things that aren’t being used and are just taking up space; these are just distractions. This could mean throwing away old papers, donating unused books and clothes, and even disposing of foods that you will likely never eat. Simplifying the space around you can definitely have a positive impact on your daily life.

Spring cleaning can also be an opportunity to better your social life. It can be a way to let go of people who may be bringing you down. We should not have to make room for negative people in our lives, so now is the time to cut those foes off. You don’t have to completely stop interacting with them, just don’t listen to their antagonism. This goes hand-in-hand with being a kinder person too. Spring clean your character by trying to have a more open mind and being nicer to all kinds of people. If someone is constantly being negative, be the one to add something positive to the situation. It might make both sides feel better.

Though it is important to be friendly towards others, make sure to put yourself first. Spring cleaning in this way can mean making sure that you are happy and healthy. Don’t sacrifice your time to others if it is detrimental to yourself. Yes, it’s imperative to study hard so that you can do well in school, but don’t stay up all night depriving yourself of sleep just for one test. Take care of your body. Drink more water. Spend time outside to enjoy the fresh springtime air. Also, take some time to treat yourself once in a while. Do little things that make you happy, like getting yourself that ice cream cone, or buying those shoes that you’ve been eyeing up for weeks. Take a moment to spring clean your mind, and good vibes will follow.