The 2020 Election Is Less Than A Hundred Days Away; Here’s How To Prepare
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The 2020 Election Is Less Than A Hundred Days Away; Here’s How To Prepare

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The 2020 Election Is Less Than A Hundred Days Away; Here’s How To Prepare
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The 2020 Presidential Election means it is time to become a better voter. Therefore, if you are voting in this election, any upcoming election, or just want to be a better citizen, this article is for you. Voting can be stressful and pressure-filled, so here are a few things to consider that may make things easier.

Do Not Blindly Trust the Media

Media outlets have a way about persuading people of their opinions on different candidates. News channels make it hard for you to get an unbiased view of what the candidates truly believe. On the other hand, Magazines and newspapers are guilty of writing everything-you-need-to-know titles. These outlets feed on the belief that voters will not do the extra work but blindly believe what they tell us. Tactics like these may cause you to miss out on candidates that best fit your political belief, so be mindful.

Vote Based on Policies

It seems like a kind of "duh" statement; however, it happens less often than not. A wide variety of people vote based on their love or hatred for an individual instead of a policy. Like any business, it's more important that a boss does an excellent job than it is to be loved by everyone. In the same way, you need to choose a candidate based on their capability to achieve your vision of America, rather than their personality. Focusing less on the love or hate of the candidate helps you focus more on the policies that shape America.

Research the Candidates

We all know that media and advertisements contribute to the way we see potential candidates. The media outlets expect us just to read the titles, short articles or advertisements and believe every word because we are too "lazy" actually to go and do research. We have not to allow ourselves to be tricked or deceived by media outlets, but do the research for ourselves. If media outlets are right, then what is the harm and knowing for sure they are.

Watch Debates

Debates may seem like a reality tv show: full of screaming and people talking over one another. However, you can learn a lot about the candidates and their policies through the debates. The best thing about televised debates is that the information you are getting is straight from the source, so there won't be any confusion about what is real and what is not. In saying that, watch the whole debate and not through social media, you are bound to get out of context information or phrasing.


Sometimes picking a candidate can be hard whether you think the candidates are great or terrible, but it is essential to educate yourself and vote anyway. Some people complain about how things are, knowing they did not vote for or against these issues. We each have an opportunity to contribute to our country's success, and that happens through everyone doing their part and casting a vote.

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