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What you need to study and PASS!


Planning on scheduling your PTCE exam?

Don't know what study material to buy?

Well here is everything you need to know to pass, the FIRST TIME!

Before you schedule exam, here is everything you need to know.

Cost of exam is $129 non-refundable

Note: You can always reschedule or cancel exam, but do so as soon as possible.

Due to COVID-19, testing is now available to take at home.

As well, as discounted testing fees!

So, it seems that now is the perfect time to schedule your exam.

Now what YOU need to PASS on the FIRST time!

I have recently just taken my PTCE on June 10, 2020, and PASSED! These are study materials I used to pass.

1. Barron's PTCE with Online Test: Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam

I purchased this book from Amazon for only $18.99. And in this book there is two practice test, and a pre-test. You will also receive a code, to take another online practice test for free. I used to book to study a week prior, and this book helped me a lot. This book has Federal drug and regulations, medications, pharmacy calculations and etc.. So if you are unsure of what practice book to buy, this is the one you should invest in.

2. PTCE Pocket Prep App

Can be downloaded on iOS or Android. Great thing about this app, is that it is FREE to download. With the free version, you are given "Questions of the Day", practice exams, and 60 practice questions. Now if you need more study material, by all means, purchase the $14.99 or $24.99 version. With the $24.99 version you are guaranteed your money back, if you do not pass on your first exam. With this app, you can exam put in your exam date, and the app will send you reminders to study, and how many days you have left. I myself, only used the free version, and it worked great for me. Now, if you do not want to spend money or have a tight budget right now, you can always go to your local library and loan a copy.

3. PTCB Calculations Questions App

Can be downloaded on iOS or Android. Pharmacy calculations, your weakness? Then this is the app for you. Created by the PTCB, so you know questions from this app, will be similar to what you will see on the PTCE. This app is FREE, as well. Then, of course, if you need more questions to study from, you can always purchase the $14.99 version. But this app helped me tremendously with the pharmacy calculations. And please note, you will need to know your pharmacy conversions for the PTCE.

4. Quizlet

Now I know if you are a college student you are very familiar with this app. You can use Quizlet on your phone, tablet, or laptop. I recommend creating a "Top 200 Drugs List"flashcards to study from. You are more than welcome to use sets made by previous members, but making your own list makes sure you are embedding these drug names in your mind. And what I like about Quizlet is you practice anywhere.

5. Previous Pharmacy Textbooks

If you have just finished your pharmacy tech program, then you will more than likely have your textbooks. Use these to study from, and practice. Now if you are still in your pharmacy tech program, KEEP your textbooks, to study from. Then after your test you can sell them or keep, your choice.

Now with what I have given you, you will be fully capable of passing your PTCE exam. And remember do not stress. When taking your test if you find a question that your are stuck on, just flag the question and move on. Then when you finish everything you know, you can go back to those flagged questions you did not answer.

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