I don't know about you but I have always had trouble studying, usually because I can never get comfortable. I'm either dosing off, or one of my limbs are falling asleep, or my back starts hurting. It may be that I am bored but obviously the studying needs to get done. Or I have trouble finding enough space to spread all my books, notebooks, and my laptop out. There are always distractions when I'm supposed to be focusing on what I'm reading. I doubt I am the only college student that has ever experienced these headaches, we're already stressed out enough with college, so studying shouldn't be making us more stressed, or literally in pain.

Finding a better study place might be the answer. With possibly the right equipment, some planning, and organization, along with something to make it yours. I have heard that your bed isn't the best place to do your studying because it may be too comfy, and like in the movies we don't wanna wake up at seven AM and have drool all over our books. You could get yourself a desk or just find one to sit at, one that you can possibly rest your elbows on, without slouching. While trying to keep your feet flat on the ground, unfortunately, posture is usually key, which could be why our necks hurt or our backs, along with other areas while we study.

So defiantly find yourself a comfortable chair that fits under your desk, maybe skip the really distractive chairs. Then again some cushion for your back and tush will help I'm sure. Make sure your desk gives you enough space for all your crap to fit, or just don't have that much on it. Make sure you have good lighting on your desk so you aren't straining your eyes.

Not only does where we sit matter, but what we are wearing. I don't know about you but I'm a sweatshirt and sweatpants kind of girl. That's defiantly what I study in as well. I mean girls if your at home and no one is around that you care for them to know, take that bra off because you know that's the best feeling ever. Why have our bodies being stressed out when we need to use this time to focus on our future.

Don't be thinking I'm telling y'all to get so comfy and grab some popcorn and your fuzzy blanket, this is a serious time. Honestly, though it's nice to be relaxed while you're studying, remember your brain still needs to do work. Having a relaxing environment is always nice too. Meaning somewhere you won't be distracted that much. If there is a fridge or food anywhere near me I will constantly be getting up and eating, obviously, a little snack isn't a bad idea I would honestly recommend it. Try some yummy brain food, and liquids but not too much so you have to pee every five seconds.

Speaking of good recommendations, another one is short study breaks. You need them!!!! take some time to close your eyes, stretch, get something else done, or to just lay down and let your brain rest for a few. I know I stress myself out a lot, so if you feel yourself getting stressed, step away for a few, or just take a deep breath... because you got this! Make sure you're keeping yourself healthy while in school, or at least as much as you can. Try and stay hydrated, try and not eat that much junk food, get yourself on a steady sleep schedule where you are getting enough rest. I know none of it easy and I know how a lot of college students also have jobs. Take your time, and remember to keep breathing because you have made it this far.

These are some of the studying tips that occasionally help me out while hitting the books. In the end, don't forget about yourself because you are the most important. Think out of the box sometimes if you have too. Stay comfy and relaxed while keeping your mind sharp.


P.S. Spring Break is almost here!