9 Things You Need To Do During Your First Week At Clemson, So You Have Zero Regrets By Your Last
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9 Things You Need To Do During Your First Week At Clemson, So You Have Zero Regrets By Your Last

I failed at these things so you don't have to.

9 Things You Need To Do During Your First Week At Clemson, So You Have Zero Regrets By Your Last

Your first week is everything and will set the tone for the next four years of your life. If you only do five things in your first week at Clemson, make sure it's these.

1. Download the "My.Clemson" app.

Let's start slow. You need to know your way around campus by your first day of classes, but how are you supposed to know if it's your first day? You could just wander around aimlessly, maybe take notes or draw a map of the campus, or you could download this app. My.Clemson is a GPS for Clemson's campus. All you have to do is know what building your class is in, find it on the map, and take the path shown to you. This one is mandatory.

2. Save your paw points.

I went to the on-campus Chili's six times in the first week and was stuck eating salad and chicken patties at the dining hall for the rest of the semester. Use your paw points sparingly because there will come a time when you may actually need them.

3. LIVE on Bowman.

If you don't know what Bowman is, it's the big field in front of the clock tower and it's the place to be. You'll be arriving when it's hot and sunny out so there will be flocks of students out there doing anything from volleyball to studying. Whatever you do, don't stay inside.

4. Join a club.

This was my biggest regret. I was a swimmer in high school and told myself I would join either the club swim or rowing team once I got to college. I didn't. Simply put, I got scared. College overwhelmed me at first and, never the most outgoing person, I crawled into a shell for a while and didn't come out until a lot of opportunities had already passed. I told myself I should take it easy first semester and let myself settle in before I start adding stuff on to my plate which was total bullshit. If you're telling yourself that right now then stop thinking and start doing.

5. Leave you're door open when you're there.

This one's cliche I get it. Leaving one's door open was the big thing to do when I was a freshman, probably still is and for good reason. You will meet your tribe in the first week I promise. Hundreds of people crammed into the same place that don't know each other will get to know each other very quickly, and if you don't take part in the getting-to-knowing you will get left behind. There's nothing harder than trying to insert yourself into an already established group awkwardly late into the semester. My roommate and I honestly thought we were too cool to leave our door open like everybody else and while everyone on our hall became tight, we completely missed out and it's taken me two years to form a group of my own when it could have easily taken one week.

6. Don't discriminate.

I'm not talking about race. If you're racist you're racist. What I'm talking about is being picky about who you make friends with. I went into college thinking that the people I was meant to be friends with would naturally find me, and I them, but it doesn't work like that. You've got to get out there. Whether it's the nerdy math major, the stoner, the frat guy, or the creepy mute kid, talk to them. Talk to everyone. Only good can come out of it.

7. If you don't like football, learn to like football.

Saying you're not that into football at Clemson is like masturbating in church. Not that I've done that but I imagine you'd be ostracized, which is exactly what will happen if you don't pretend to like football at Clemson. I'm sorry, but you'll have to fake it till you make it with this one.

8. Meet your professors

It's way too easy to get up and walk out the door after your 50 minute 8 am while your half asleep and not even remember your professor's name. Don't do that. Your professors are your life line. Build a relationship with them. You don't have to try to be friends but you do have to make sure they know you exist. Make sure they get to know you because they are the hand that will feed you for the next four years. Trust me, get in this good habit right away and when you're applying for graduate school four years from know you'll have a host of professors happy to right you a recommendation.

9. Forget about who you think you are.

If I could only tell you to do one thing, it's this. Forget about your goals, aspirations, who you were in high school, all of it. Your life is just beginning. Obviously, there are exceptions, but most people don't really know what they want, so don't let expectations sour the beginning of your college experience. Get to know everybody, experience everything, fail a lot, so you can succeed a lot. I was convinced I was going to be a doctor yet here I am writing articles.

School is easy. What you really need to work on in college is yourself. The grades will come but the people, experiences, and the building your first class is in won't unless you go out and find them. So if you feel overwhelmed, make sure you have these eight things checked off the list and you'll be alright.

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