How to make it through your test week

I absolutely can not stand test week! When i see it creeping up in my calendar, it makes me want to crawl in a corner and cry. I have anxiety over my grades and want to do as best as possible. As I get older, I have to take harder classes which are asking more of me and also more of my time. Through out my freshmen year, I would cry, I would become so stressed I could not eat or sleep, and also when it was finally test day, I would go completely blank on every test and in return I would do so bad and feel absolutely defeated. After freshmen year, I taught myself some helpful tips to make it through test week in the most stress free way because lets face it- there will never be a test you are not stressed or nervous about.

  1. Study what you did in class that day
    1. - I know it sounds crazy but looking over your notes after class will truly help you learn and remember the notes and once the test gets closer you already know most of the material because you recognize it.
    1. Several people that I know start to study to tests two days before thinking that it will be enough time. I have learned that yes that can work for small meaningless classes but for big classes, you really need to start studying hard at least five days before.
  3. Take a deep breath before the test and do not let other people's stress stress you out! If you have studied for a week now for the test there is no reason to be nervous because you know the material and you know that you are gonna make a good grade!
I hope these tips help you out and HAVE A GREAT TEST WEEK!!