If you have been on any form of media within the last few weeks then you know that there are so many terrifying things happening. We are finally recognizing the trauma that we have caused to the planet through global warming, Alabama recently passed an abortion law that criminalizes abortion without exceptions aside from the mother's life being at risk. In times like these, it is so hard to feel like we have the power to make the drastic changes that need to be made to help each other and our planet. In the last few weeks I personally have been feeling very scared and upset about the recent happenings. But I am trying to remember that, while I cannot make large changes all at once, there are small changes I can make. I compiled a little list of things you can do if you are like me, and you feel scared and helpless.

Things that you can do when you feel powerless to the huge, rapid changes that are taking this country, and the world, by storm:

Donate: If you are against the Alabama abortion laws, and the similar laws in other states, there are multiple organizations that you can donate to. Planned Parenthood, The Yellowhammer Fund, and the National Network of Abortion Funds are just a few of the organizations that you can give money to in order to help. Remember that this issue disproportionately affects women of color, so give you can also give donations to organizations that are led by women of color, such as SisterSong, National Asian-Pacific American Women's Forum, and Unite for Reproductive and Gender Equity (URGE).

Educate yourself: Read, Google, research. Learn exactly what is going on, both in your state and all over the country. Just because it isn't happening in your state doesn't mean it isn't important. Research the candidates for the upcoming elections and see what their stances are so you are fully prepared to vote for the best one when the time comes.

Reduce waste: Go reusable. Buy a metal straw, use reusable water bottles and grocery bags when you go shopping. Start a compost bin. Choose biodegradable. Keep in mind that, while so much of global warming has been done by big corporations, we can still make changes in our own personal lives to stop increasing the damage.

Be an ally: Support people who are being affected by this legislation. Support the people you know who have uteruses, who are being attacked by the lawmakers of this country. Offer your help when you can give it. Step up. If you are not affected by this legislation, be an ally to the people who are.

At the end of the day we have to remember that, while we may feel powerless, we actually have a lot of power and responsibility to speak out and stand up for the things that matter to us. By making small donations or small every day changes in our lifestyle, we can help to change the things that we disagree with. Even if you can't afford to donate or buy reusable items, you can use your voice to spread the word to others, and hopefully we can start moving towards a brighter future.