6 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself At The End Of The Semester

This semester has been very rough for, it seems, just about everyone. It's the end of the semester, and we are all living on caffeine and no sleep. So, I'm creating a list of tips and reminders so you guys can find a few ways to help retain your sanity as we move into dead week.

Drink water and eat healthy

As tempting as it is, skipping meals is not going to give you any extra time to study. It is also not going to score you any points in focus. Eating, and eating healthy is a great way to keep your brain and body running the way it needs to. This is not just for studying, it is for bodily health. Additionally, staying properly hydrated will increase your blood flow and provide more energy than caffeine. Stay hydrated, remember to eat, and don't eat just junk. It's easy to live off of snacks and no water. But you won't be able to focus. I promise.


It does not have to be intense. Just move. Exercising raises your heart rate, wakes you up, and increases blood circulation. This means your brain gets more blood which means you'll focus easier and retain more information. Just walk a bit. Even if you don't hit the Colvin and do something crazy, just getting up and walking a lap around the floor of the library or your dorm will wake you back up. Get up and move. Stretch. For goodness sakes don't stay hunched over your book or computer for hours on end. It won't feel good, you won't retain information, and it adds a level of grumpiness and frustration to the entire situation.

Take mental breaks

Please please please keep time for your hobbies. Whatever you are working on, do the opposite. Working on math? Do something artistic. Doing something strenuously artistic? Do something concrete. Keep your activities varied and take time to do something you enjoy. Give yourself time to catch a breath, please.


The hardest one, I know. The more you sleep the better you'll focus. You are not going to gain much time by losing sleep. You are going to stare at your book and computer frustrated. You will get nothing out of your classes, books, notes, etc. if you are sleep deprived.

Try to avoid caffeine

Blasphemous in college I know. But it isn't good for you, especially if you don't drink it regularly. You will be jittery, and dehydrated, and again...you won't focus. Caffeine is not going to save you, Trust me.

Long story short, take care of yourselves. It's easy to not do. The more you trash your body, the less you'll retain. You will be frustrated and make a hard thing even harder. Try to find peace in the MOST chaotic time of the semester. Take deep breaths. Stay confident. Remember that you have this under control. You've had the information, you are simply reviewing it.

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