Being in college can be one of the most stressful and difficult things you may experience. Others may say it was a breeze and that they wish they can do it all over again. Of course, you develop lifelong friends and create memories you would have never created if you didn't go to college.

But the whole main idea as to why you chose to go to college, is because you wanted to further your education. You had career goals you wanted to accomplish but now, you're stuck in this downhill rollercoaster that you feel is never going to go up. You feel the pit in your stomach where you're ready to give up because it is all becoming way too much for you.

We have all felt like that going through college at least once. In order to keep going, you need to find the motivation. There have been times where I felt like I couldn't do any more than I already did. I couldn't find the motivation to do my school work, go to class, or even hang out with my friends. It becomes so stressful to the point where there was no motivation left in me.

There is definitely a time where you can pick yourself right back up again. You need to find the self-motivation and if you can't or you don't know how this is why you're reading this.

Realize Your Potential

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Know that you applied for the college you're attending, and you got in! You decided to go to college because you have career goals. You want to work hard to earn something in the future. Know that you are fully capable of doing whatever you want in the future, because it is yours. You've already dipped your feet in the water, now go ahead and dive in. Realize that you have so much ahead of you and this is only the beginning. A road to success will have bumps, and maybe you're going through a bump right now. Think of it as a speed bump, it's big and it startles you, but it goes by so fast and even though it was one tiny bump, you're still going down the same road. Don't get down on yourself because you feel like you can't get over that speed bump, because you can and you will. Realize the potential you have as a person and keep the mindset of what you want in your future and that will push you enough to get through.

Plan as much as you can

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Make use of all the planners and agendas you bought but never decided to use. Remember the $50 planner that's all cute that you bought, and you haven't really touched? Go ahead and take it out and start planning everything. Time management is key in staying on track. You don't have to stick to a schedule all the time, because life is all about being spontaneous. But when you know you have to get productive and you have so much to do, go ahead and put in a planner or a calendar and get started. Having everything written down and making sure you make time for each one, will give you the motivation to get it done. Write down all of your assignments for the semester that your professors have already shown or mentioned to you. This will keep you organized and you will get a lot more done than you think.

Get out of your bedroom, go outside 

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Staying in bed, and flipping through Netflix will get you no where. This is one of the biggest things that kill motivation instantly. Don't even try doing homework while sitting in bed, because you will end up closing your laptop and taking a nap. You'll probably get off of the assignment that you're working on and find yourself surfing the web or watching videos on Youtube. Staying in bed gets you no where. Go to a park or go outside and do your homework. Even better, try going to the library or walk around campus and find a quiet study spot where you can complete your work. I have found myself countless times sitting in bed, thinking I'll get so much work done, and I end up doing the complete opposite. Putting yourself in a different scenery and finding a place where everyone you're surrounded by is working, will give you the motivation to do the same and actually become productive. This is the best and easiest way to find self-motivation; you have no idea how much work you will actually get done.

Wake up early 

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I'm sure no one like the idea of this one, but doing one simple thing by getting out of bed early, will make you a productive person. This gives you motivation and more time in the day to get things done. I know you're just ready to hit the snooze button and continue on with your beauty sleep, but waking up early will find you the time to get things done. As college students, we have so much on our hands that having more time to do it all is a blessing. Waking up early and knowing that you will get things done will give you the motivation to actually go through with it.

Make wise decisions

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Know your priorities. Instead of going out and drinking with your friends, you should probably study for the big chemistry exam you have the next day. We've all been bad at doing this, especially when it comes to homework or writing papers. We'd rather ignore what we have to do, and just have a good time instead. Yes, it's important to still make memories and go out with your friends, and you will have so much time do that in the future. But you did go to college to get an education, and having good grades should be important to you. Make good decisions and you will find the motivation to keep on going and actually get it completed. Make trade-offs and know that when you choose the more important decisions you will find the motivation to keep on going and to actually go through with it.

Everyone is capable of finding the self-motivation they need, especially in college. Pushing yourself and managing your time will lead you into becoming more productive. You need to motivate yourself as much as you can if you want to get through college. College won't always be easy, if anything, it's never going to be easy. Self-motivation needs to exist living in a college world.