How to Establish a Business Identity That Is Unforgettable

How to Establish a Business Identity That Is Unforgettable

Customers aren't only after the best price or the perfect product anymore. You need to brand your company and create a strong business identity that people can connect with and stand behind.


Without proper brand development, you're going to miss out on sales from people that could be your most supportive customers.

Continue reading this article, and we will go over the best way to brand your business successfully.

Know Your Audience

Before you start branding your business and developing your business identity, you need to know who your audience is.

Gone are the days of mass marketing and hoping you're going to hit the right people. Being a generic-looking company that has no voice and stands for nothing won't work, and the only way to get across to people is to speak their language.

When you know who your audience is, you'll know how to showcase your brand in a way they can understand.

Know What Value You Have to Offer

If you don't know what makes your company unique and the value you bring to the table, how are your customers supposed to know?

Define the value you bring that no one else brings and make sure your brand image and messaging don't leave out this important part of the equation.

Choose Your Name Wisely

While there are a lot of things you can change as you move forward, one of the more difficult changes to make is a name change. Take a while to choose your name and make sure it is going to fit as your business grows.

A name like Little Web Design Company might not work when your business is doing business in the millions.

Know Your Brand's Personality

These days it isn't enough to have a good product or service, and that means that your brand needs its own personality. Your ideal audience should be able to see themselves hanging out with your brand.

Brand personality has a lot to do with the type of people that want to buy your product or service. Make sure that you've already done the work of identifying your target audience before creating content.

Create Your Logo

Another important part of your brand is your brand's logo. There are many options from complicated to clean to bright and loud or muted.

Depending on your brand personality and what you're trying to convey, your logo can be any mixture of elements.

Think about how people are going to feel when they look at your logo. Does it make sense, or is it confusing?

While your logo can evolve over the years, you don't want to change it much since it can be confusing to your patrons.

Position Your Brand Story Front and Center

Your brand story is a key part of branding your business. Customers don't want to do business with companies that are aloof and uninteresting.

When you create and share your brand story, you make your business easier to identify with. Even if you don't have a story that you think is overly interesting, you'd be surprised at how many people will do business with you because of something small in your brand story.

There is a difference between branding and marketing, and your brand story is a part of marketing even though it will help you bring in business.

Make Your Brand Promise Clear & In-Line with Customer Experience

Letting people know what they can expect out of your brand upfront is a great way to draw in your target audience.

If your brand talks about how it cares about the environment, think about how the customer experience reflects this. Do you give them an opportunity to round up their purchases to give money to beach clean up or another cause?

There are plenty of ways to show that your brand can back up what it is promising, but make sure it is clear as your customers are going through the buying process and even after they've spent their money with your company.

Keep Brand Imaging Consistent

Can people tell that an image is from your brand when they pull it up on the internet, or they see a news article with the image?

Keeping brand imaging consistent will allow people to develop a connection with your brand. People gravitate toward a certain look and feel of images, and if you're constantly changing it up on them, it's a little jarring and can hurt brand loyalty.

Make sure the images that you use make an impact vs. just trying to put out photos to get them in front of eyeballs. While marketing can call for a lot of content, when it comes to branding images -- don't skimp!

Know Your Strengths & Weaknesses

When you're growing your brand, keep in mind that you aren't only going to have strengths, but there are going to be weaknesses in your brand. Constantly audit your brand and see where you can do better and where you can elevate your brand even more.

While your brand's weaknesses are important to know, you should focus on making your brand's strengths even stronger and bringing them to the forefront to dazzle your customers.

Creating a Strong Business Identity

Now you know more about creating a strong business identity, and you can use this knowledge to grow your business.

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