How to Drive In Snow: The Real Tutorial

It's that time of year again. The time where literally everyone forgets how to drive. Cars are backed up due to accidents, people drive like they have forgotten that there is snow on the ground and they can go normal speed, and most importantly it drives people like me insane when it takes four hours to complete a 15 minute drive.

However, there is hope! I am here today to teach all of you how to drive in the snow. Even if you haven't ever driven before, this will make you an expert in driving in slushy and icy conditions!

1. Go out to your car and clean it off

I don't want to hear any whining, just do it. This helps you to see and others around you not to have to keep their wipers on while snow tumbles off the back of your car. Clean all windows and if you have time i'd suggest making sure that the tires are free of dusty snow. It will allow for better traction to the road and get you going where you need to go.

2. Once ready to leave, go out and start your car like you normally would

Do not, I repeat, do not let your car "warm up" that wastes gas, you're being a hazard to the environment and your car doesn't benefit from it.

3. Go slow until you understand the conditions of the road.

Trust me, If the roads are bad I am the first person to tell you to to take your time. In these conditions, you are not supposed to be driving the top speed limit. The slower and more careful you are, the safer you will be. Period.

4. Leave Extra Early

You leave 30 minutes before class time? Well guess what, it snowed, leave an hour earlier. You don't want to be that person who shows up late to class or work because it took them so long to get through the snow.

5. Bring Snacks

Learning from experience, there is a possibility of grid lock traffic. Bring a granola bar or a bag of chips with you. You may be there for a while and get hungry.

6. Seriously, Take it slow and understand what you're driving in

I have seen at least eight wrecks in the past week due to stupid mistakes that could have been avoided. If you feel like you are sliding, put the car in neutral and drift until you don't feel that way anymore. Go slow down a hill, go slow when in traffic, be courteous of others who may not know how to drive as well as you do.

It is your life at stake when you are driving recklessly. I don't want to see you standing on the side of the road crying or stressed out because you wrecked your car when it was your fault for not understanding that snowy roads are different than regular roads.

If you learn anything by this, its to either take it seriously or stay off the roads.

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