Stereotypes can have a positive impact on you.

Next Time You Get Stereotyped, Embrace It Or Ignore It, That Means Someone Is Thinking About You

There are multiple ways to deal with stereotypes, but two positive ways to deal with them are to embrace them or ignore them.

I ain't got no type.

STEREOTYPES are the only thing that I like.

Stereotypes are very common in our society. Nearly everyone is stereotyped, whether its by people you pass walking on the sidewalk, by your peers, by your professors, and sometimes even by your family. That being said, just about everyone has stereotyped someone before. Sometimes these stereotypes are far from true, sometimes they are very true, and sometimes they are somewhere in the middle. There are multiple ways to deal with stereotypes, but two positive ways to deal with them are to embrace them or ignore them.

Embracing a stereotype sounds kind of weird at first, but it can be one of the best things to do if that stereotype fits you. If you are being stereotyped and it fits you, then just embrace it, and own up to it. Don't be afraid to be who you are or show your true colors.

A lot of the time it catches the other person off guard and they won't know what to say back. Owning up to or embracing what you were stereotyped for shows that you are confident in yourself, bold, and not afraid to show it. I have been stereotyped before and told, "You're such a basic white girl", and sometimes, that is a little bit true. So, I looked at them and said, "Okay yeah and?"

Ignoring stereotypes is easier said than done, of course. Sometimes it's all you can do if that stereotype doesn't reflect who you are. You just have to realize that that person doesn't know who you truly are. If you get stereotyped and it is far from the truth, just laughs it off. I think it is funny when someone thinks something of me that is completely wrong. When you ignore what people have said, especially a stereotype, it shows that you just aren't affected by their comment enough to respond to them.

Although we should never stereotype anyone and they generally have a negative effect on people, they can be positive too. Stereotypes can help you become stronger as a person, especially if you either embrace it or ignore it. They can teach a lesson that people are not always who you think they will be, too.

The last thing about being stereotyped is that people are thinking about you. If someone is stereotyping you, then you are doing something right enough to make them think about you. So, next time you get stereotyped, embrace it or ignore it, that means someone is thinking about you.

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