How to succeed in your summer classes with these tips.

I am one of the suckers that signed up to take not one but TWO online summer courses, like, I know I'm crazy. I've never taken summer classes — kind of a big adjustment for me. My summers are usually filled with babysitting, lazy pool days, and just being inside. But lately, the weather has been awful in Illinois, so staying inside working on homework a little easier. Here are a few tips and tricks of mine that have helped me so far!

1. Plan your day out before you go to bed

This step is so crucial for me. Since these classes are semester-long classes smashed into four weeks, it's a lot of information happening all at once. I've been writing in my planner exactly what I need to do before I leave my desk for the night to help myself stay on track. I'm the girl that usually forgets about something, so I end up playing catch-up anyway! But, it's the effort that counts.

Sidenote: anything you need printed or should have downloaded for the next day, this is the perfect time to do it.

2. Make sure to take breaks

Breaks are so necessary. Don't let anyone tell you that they aren't. Sitting in front of a screen for hours can really damage your eyes and it's easy to lose focus after a certain amount of time. I usually finish all my work for one class in the morning and take a lunch/snack break and then do the rest of my work for the other class that I am in.

Sidenote: I find that taking a quick gym break or walk my dog really helps with my focus and energy!

3. Don't lose sleep over your classes

The good thing about summer classes is you're only in one or two rather than up to six. So, it's a lot easier to feel accomplished. In a normal semester, I'm always up around 7 a.m. because I feel that I can accomplish more when I'm up earlier and go to bed later. However, in the summer that just isn't the case. I've been getting a full night of sleep while still completing all my work on time. Wow, what a concept! I usually start my work once I am up and have eaten breakfast which for the past couple of days has been at 10 a.m.

Sidenote: Extra sleep isn't going to kill you.

4. Make time for your summer break

I'm one of those people that enjoys getting ahead, so I have more time to relax. I do the same thing with my summer classes. I hate having that guilty feeling for not doing something soon enough or completely forgetting about it. Therefore, I like to get my work for the next day done early just because it's also important to enjoy the summer break. You worked hard this school year, and you deserve somewhat of a break.

Sidenote: Plan to see your friends because you won't be this close to them forever!

Well, those are four tips I have been using for the last couple of days since my classes have started. I'm sure, by the end of this term, I will have learned a few more and I hope you do too.

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