How To Conquer Regret

How To Conquer Regret

It's all about perspective.


Of all the uncertain things in life, time is the constant that never falters. At least in our present state, time stops for no one. It rewinds for no one. The millions of decisions that we make every day are finite conclusions in the infinite vacuum of time. Don't let this intimidate you. No matter the choices you've made, you have more power than you think. Starting to put minor things into perspective in the grand scheme of things can have a profound impact on something that might seem permanent right now, in this moment. Will this really matter in, say, ten or twenty years? Even two months? When you're stuck with unproductive thoughts and feel like you're in a constant battle against yourself, that's your chance to lock that negative energy away and consider your problem from more than one angle.

Associating negative thoughts with the consequences of a choice you regret is like attaching yourself to a rock. Seriously, when you decide that every negative thing, every little frustration, is somehow tied to a decision that you blame all on yourself, it's like dragging a huge stone behind you every day. No matter how happy you may be in one moment, it's impossible not to wish that you could remove that rock from your back. It makes you slow and self-conscious, and keeps you from going very far. Think of negative energy as the tie that's keeping you attached to the rock that represents the choice you regret. Cut ties with negativity stemming from regret, and you can leave the rock behind and learn from your experience instead of lugging it around with you. Yay analogies!

Keep in mind - when dealing with regret, you don't have to force yourself to pretend that everything is okay. Sometimes we make choices that are flat-out bad. It's good to acknowledge that, and talking it out can be really beneficial. Once you've faced the negative aspects of your choice, take time to forgive yourself and move on.

If you regret something involving another person - a fight with a friend, a broken relationship that offered you no closure, an unrequited love you still hang on to - it's best to confront them in person if possible. Even if they aren't receptive to your attempts to build bridges and not burn them, I've personally found that making an effort and knowing that you have done everything in your power to promote healing and positivity can completely change your outlook on a situation. In an age where a one-word text might be the last contact two people ever have, face-to-face communication offers a more human solution.

Trust thyself. From now on, make choices that do two things: 1. reflect your values and priorities in a positive way, and simultaneously 2. challenge yourself to do the more daring, life-enhancing, positive thing. Staying strictly within one's comfort zone can lead to regrets of passivity, such as feeling like you've wasted your life or missed out on special moments. It's important to find that middle ground between sticking to your guns, staying safe and making choices that inspire you to try something new.

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1. Beer holster belt

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Please note that prices are accurate and items in stock as of the time of publication. As an Amazon Associate, Odyssey may earn a portion of qualifying sales.

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The Urban Banyan Trees

A welcoming exotic tree we happened upon while enjoying downtown St. Petersburg, Florida.


In a park in downtown St. Petersburg, FL, were two trees from another world, trees that belonged in the jungles of India with monkeys swinging from their branches. My husband and I who had been passing the time as we waited to see a movie downtown, approached the sight with a sort of reverence.

Trunk of the Banyan Tree with carvingsCorrinne Brubaker

The tree had many different trunks and roots wound together. There were also long branches hanging down from the tree. They were hanging low enough we could touch them. My husband grabbed one and said, "look, they're roots."

Banyan Tree RootsCorrinne Brubaker

He was right. I thought they resembled roots. At the end of the vine-like branches were many strands that looked like roots. It turns out they were roots. The Banyan tree is an aerial plant. It begins growing in the air until the new roots can reach the ground and attach to the soil. The tree continues to grow and spread this way, creating its dense maze-like structure.

I wondered how old this plant was. By its size, it appeared ancient, but there was not just one trunk to reference its age like you can with other trees, even the central trunk was a combination of many smaller trunks intertwined.

Seeing this unique, magnificent tree was nothing short of an honor. An accidental honor that we had stumbled upon, a jungle tree thriving in the middle of a city. Tall sparkling hotels and condominiums stood as an odd backdrop for the tree, but the tree seemed proud to be there and call the city it's home.

The tree's sprawling ancient roots that rippled over the ground looked like a great place to sit. So, I sat for a moment on the smooth, sturdy surface. The tree was as welcoming as it looked.

Banyan TreeCorrinne Brubaker

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