How To Conduct Business

5 Ways To Conduct Business In College That’ll Guide You In The Real World

Business is business and personal is personal.


Business, business, business. Business has many aspects to it. There are many rules and protocols to follow. How to conduct business with people is a HUGE factor in professionalism, especially in the real world. Being organized is another part of conducting great business with people.

You always want to leave your best foot forward with people, so let's get into the tips on how to be a boss in the real world.

1. Business & Personal.

Business is business and personal is personal. Mixing business and personal is not ideal. You do not want to do that. When your emotions begin to take part in your business ventures, things get complicated. Separating your business skills and personal life is extremely moral and just. If you can achieve splitting these two elements apart, then you are on your way to being a great business woman or man.

2. Being organized.

In order to be successful, you must be organized. Being punctual, having your agenda planned correctly and making sure that you have thought out everything is essential to being organized. No one wants to do business with someone who is not organized. Please, have it together.

3. When in doubt, be about.

Being about your business is having your plan together, whether you are proposing a plan or even listening to a proposal. You need to pay attention and be about whatever is going on in that meeting or proposal. Be about what is going on. Know what is going on. Working with people who do not keep up with things is frustrating because it's shows poor business skills. You do not want to be that person who is not involved.

4. Business is work.

I do not expect everyone to be the best business person, because I am still learning things myself, but business is business. Things will not go how you want them, but it's all about how you move forward. You may not agree with everything that is going on, but business is business. Business skills do not grow overnight. You have to want to better yourself in this aspect of life.

The more you show to people that you can be about your business, the more people will want to work with you in the future. That's the goal for business- future! If you can get someone to work with you again, greater things will come about.

5. People are your greatest resource.

In life you will meet hundreds or thousands of people in your life, especially in college. People will always be your greatest resource. Why? You never know who you may need in the future, so it is always good to keep people in good graces with you. Burning bridges with people is not what you should do.

You want to make sure that even if an event or planning does not succeed with someone, you still keep a good rapport with them. Whether you need them now or later, you will always need people for something.

Learning how to be a good businesswoman was challenging at times, but I am thankful for all of my experiences and guidance from people. These are the things that I've learned throughout my years in college and I believe that having these skills are essential because when I step into the real world, I will be prepared to handle business.

I believe if you follow these tips, you can be a phenomenal business person too.

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The answer is usually yes. No offense.

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There have been times where I couldn't tell if you were asleep or dead... and I had to say this out loud to check if you were alive.

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21. "Why isn't everyone as great as us?"


Cover Image Credit: Juliarose Genuardi

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10 Tips To Prepare For Your Freshman Year Of College

Tips and tricks for college freshman year.


Obviously, I am not an expert on college life yet, being that I am only a high school senior. Barely hanging on these last couple weeks of school. I have been preparing for my freshman year of college since the start of my senior year. It is an overwhelming, stressful process and it takes a lot of preparation and time to get it all done. I wanted to give some tips and advice on how I started my process and how I have gotten through it. Starting a new chapter can be really scary, especially if you have no idea what you are doing, I am the oldest sibling in my family, and I am the first to go through this crazy process called college. Though I was uncertain exactly what I needed to do and how to do it, I figured it out and here's how I did it.

1. Have a planner

This is going to be your best friend. It helps you keep your life organized (or at least it makes you feel like you do) and assures you that you meet deadlines. Since I can remember I have always used a planner and it helps me so much. I wouldn't know what to do without it. I have all the dates for when things need to be turned in- like housing and such, and also I have up to when classes start next fall. A planner is so helpful and would recommend getting one if you don't have one already.

2. Talk to friends about their experience

This has honestly been one of the top life savors. I have gotten so much advice from my friends that are in college and they give me the inside scoop and what to do and what not to do.

3. Do your research

Research the school, research clubs and activities that you may be interested in. Get familiar with what is on and off campus.

4. Visit the campus

Photo by Olivia Holler

I am lucky enough that I am only an hour and a half away from campus and it doesn't take long to get there so I just go when I feel like it. But visiting and being on campus several times defiantly has made me feel more comfortable and more at ease than I would be if I had not visited at all.

5. Embrace times with friends and family

Photo By Olivia Holler

This is the last summer with you In your house as a full time member. Embrace it! Be with your friends and family as much as you can. You are going to miss them just as much as you are going to miss them.

6. Start doing things on your own

I am already pretty independent but I struggled like starting to make my own dinners because I have been fortunate enough where my parent always took care of dinner. But now they are making me responsible for making my own dinner. Which was a really tough life altering thing for me. It may not seem like it but it was for me. But start doing your own laundry. making your own dinner, getting things yourself etc.

7. Make list

This and my planner have been my saving grace. If I didn't have it there was going to be no progress on the thing called college.

8. Manage your time

This is pretty self explanatory, there is a lot to do during the college process. Be sure not to procrastinate and know when things are due so you can get everything on time.

9. Take summer classes if needed

If you know you are going to be behind in a class, take some summer classes. For example, I am a little behind in math, and I have to take all the way up to college algebra in order to graduate college. Well, I knew I didn't want to take math all four years of college and I knew I was behind. So I am taking some summer courses to not only finish with math earlier but just to be ahead of the game.

10.  Gather everything you need for college!

Make sure you have everything you need for the big day. Set apart some days before move in day to take time and pack whatever you may need so you don't forget anything.

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