How To Celebrate Friday The 13th, Spooky Style
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How To Celebrate Friday The 13th, Spooky Style

Fulfill all of your punk, grunge, and scene dreams with these themed ideas!

a scene of candles, pumpkins, and a pair of hands holding the skull of a horned animal.

If you're like me (a Scorpio), then you know how firey Scorpio season can be, especially when the 13th falls on a Friday. This (un)lucky day calls for an excuse to have a themed night that your angsty teenage self would live for.

For this spooky theme, think grunge, punk, rock, emo, witchy, scene and goth.

And of course, stay safe, get tested, and stick to a small social circle.

Step 1: Create your rockin' playlist

Two men performing at a show with an electric guitar and punk clothing.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Here are some artists and songs that ignite my inner rebel:

-Skrillex (Bangarang, Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, Cinema)

-Avril Lavigne (Sk8er Boy, Girlfriend, Here's to Never Growing Up)

-Heart (Crazy On You, Barracuda)

-Black Sabbath (War Pigs, Paranoid, Iron Man, Sweet Leaf, Into the Void)

-VIC MENSA (Down For Some Ignorance, Zombie, Rollin' Like A Stoner)

-Pink Floyd (Have a Cigar, Money, Another Brick in the Wall, Pt.2)

-Rihanna (Consideration, Love On The Brain, Needed Me, Disturbia)

-Fleetwood Mac (The Chain, Gold Dust Woman, Dreams)

-Miley Cyrus (Heart Of Glass, FU)

-Lil Peep (Falling Down, witchblades, Beamer Boy)

-The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (Face Down)

-Paramore (Still into You, Misery Business)

-My Chemical Romance (Na Na Na, Welcome to the Black Parade, Teenagers)

-Green Day (American Idiot, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Brain Stew)

-Breathe Carolina (Blackout)

-Panic! At The Disco (I Write Sins Not Tragedies)

-Blondie (One Way Or Another, Call Me)

-Motley Crue (Kickstart My Heart, Girls, Girls, Girls)

-Alice In Chains (Rooster, Bleed The Freak)

Step 2: Outfit Theme

three teens sitting on stairs wearing black shirts and skirts or jeans

The outfits are definitely the most fun and important part of this theme! Here are some examples of clothing items to mix and match:

Tops: mesh, fishnet, band t-shirts, black, t-shirt with a long-sleeve underneath, black lingerie, plaid, stripes, flannel, bleach-stained, leather jackets

Bottoms: mesh or fishnet tights under ripped jeans or skirts, patterned pants, Bleach-stained jeans, long ripped shorts, plaid, baggy or tight, patchy pants

Shoes: Vans/skater shoes, boots, socks & sandals, gaudy heels

Accessories: rings, fake piercings, fake tattoos, suspenders, wigs, fingerless gloves, chokers & gaudy jewelry, studded belts, pant chains, high knee-socks/tights

Hair and Makeup: eyeliner for all genders, black nail polish for all genders, black lipstick, spooky makeup, scene makeup, punk hairstyles, colorful hair spray, teased hair, mohawks

Step 3: Decorations

A green potion drink surrounded by a skull, spider webs, candles, and spiders

With Halloween sales galore, now is the best time to pick up some spooky decorations!

Things to look out for:


-spiders and spider webs


-black roses


-cauldron punch bowl

-anything else that catches your eye

Step 4: Drinks and snacks

a table covering in orange and black festive foods and wine bottles with a person in all black filling their plate.

Photo by Rachel Claire from Pexels

You can find some great articles for spooky drink ideas online! Here is one of my favorites.

Some of my favorite ideas so far are the black magic shimmering cherry martini, pomegranate rum punch, the black widow smash, witch's potion cocktail, and the smoking raspberry sage margarita.

Freeze gloves full of water and throw them in your punch bowl, toss in some candy eyeballs, or add some dry ice into whatever you choose to add some awesome special effects!

Once again, there are great spooky snack ideas online. I found some really good ones here.

Some of my favs were blood drip cupcakes, I see you Halloween snack mix, green matcha popcorn, icky intestines bread, veggie skeleton, deathly hallows cheese board, and bloody falafel fingers.

I hope you found these ideas fun and inspiring! Tailor them to your own creativity and desires!

Thanks for reading, and have a spooky Friday the 13th.

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