How to Break Creative/Writer's Block
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How to Break Creative/Writer's Block

You need Inspiration

How to Break Creative/Writer's Block
KC Poe

The United States places heavy importance on an individual's or group's ability to perform, especially in a consistent manner. It is not enough for a famous singer to sing just ONE popular song; a famous singer must keep singing popular songs and finding the means to having these popular songs written. Every vocation that produces compensation requires the ability to perform a skill, and the talents that produce the most compensation are the ones that require creativity and the ability to consistently create for a demanding market.

This has been the status quo for much longer than the existence of our country. In order for an individual to reach a desirable social status, a desirable life partner, and desirable compensation, that individual had to "prove their worth" by demonstrating their performance with their talents.

So how did it start? It began with the Roman and Greek muses that "inspired" the creators to produce either an object or concept of value that others deemed worthy. That's why we call those buildings that house these precious objects museums. Back in the ancient times, individuals considered themselves to be vessels for creative power and were not the sole creators of the objects in question. The pressure of creating and creating consistently was so heavy upon the minds and hearts of individuals back in the ancient times, that they prayed and made sacrifices to the muses or whatever god or goddess they felt would bring them such prosperity. Milton himself attributed Paradise Lost to the highest of muse available: the holy spirit. Creators believed that the higher the quality of their inspiration, the higher the quality of their creation.

But enough with the history lesson…. How do we psychologically break creative/writer's block? I will tell you the secrets:

1.Stay Grounded

The pressure of creating can break down confidence. However, an individual needs to stay grounded in their roots and their confidence in their own capabilities. This means that an individual needs to keep an internal locus of control instead of an external one. In psychology, that means that each individual needs remind themselves that they control their future, not external factors. Sometimes, individuals believe that their creativity is based on superstitions or other external sources like weather that should not have any influence at all. If an individual is spiritual, then they need to maintain their integrity by following whatever spiritual practice brings them peace. Without grounding, a person may blame a unnecessary event of their past or some other unnecessary variable for why they are in this situation.

2. Meditate

Every now and then, an individual needs to not have distractions to think deeply. Instead of sleeping, lay down and think. It can be anywhere that makes the individual comfortable. Lay down, close your eyes, and think.

3. Purpose

The need for the purpose to create is why the ancient Romans and Greeks developed the concept of muses. With the belief that some external power was on their side and aiding them, the ancient and Romans and Greeks were given a sense of purpose. Do you have a platform? Is there an important idea you want to construct in order to make a crucial, better difference in someone's life? Is there something you need to express because you think it's important? What is the sense of purpose?

4. A Rut is a stagnant state

If an individual feels like they are in a rut, it is because they are in the same set of habits without any spontaneity or change. Stop it. Making the smallest change by eating something new, walking somewhere new, or trying some new, can bring about inspiration. Having a conversation with someone who has a different perspective can also bring about inspiration. Newness is the necessity. What you need is diversity.

5. Excitement

Once you have an idea that propels you into creating, get the energy and the drive to go through with it. Listen to a fluffy pop song that excites your inner child. The excitement of a child seeing his/her/their first puppy should be your excitement. If you don't feel like a child seeing a puppy for the first time, you may not be excited enough to pursue this goal. A better word would be passion.

6. Don't Wait for Inspiration to Strike

Inspiration does not have to strike, you find it whenever you feel like it. Don't wait for something that is a mindset that you should want to make for yourself. Don't expect to have an inspiration for a new creative insight like it's owed to you. Be excited that it can be something that can happen for you because you wanted it for yourself. Chase it because it's good for you.

7. Rest, reset, and set a standard.

Every good idea needs time to bake like a loaf of bread. Let it rise and when the heat of change is over, let it settle and re-evaluate it after a night of sleep. Have a realistic standard that you know that you can reach that also has a boundary where the creative concept or object cannot be abused or misused. Standards emphasize right and wrong, but unrealistic standards will make you pompous when the point of creativity is to celebrate what you are capable of, not to shove it in the face of others to demean them.

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