A lot of people don't know what it means to be a girl's girl and I am here to clear it up for you. A girl's girl is someone who supports their friends in all of their decisions, while simultaneously keeping their friends in check. A girl's girl has their friends best interests at heart and will drop anything in order to help another girl.

My friends and I pride ourselves on being true girl's girls. One night this summer, we went to the bars and this girl threw up on this other girl's shoes. Now my friend and I didn't know the girl who got thrown up on, but what did we do? Took her into the bathroom and proceeded to clean her shoes. And that girl bought us a pitcher and called us an uber home. All of the girls in this situation were true girl's girls.

Society tends to pit girls against each other, and although organic female friendships are becoming more popular in mainstream media, there is still a long way to have every girl be a girl's girl. In magazines, there are still "Who Wore It Better" categories and comments about celebrities in their bathing suits. Whoever publishes these articles are clearly not girl's girls because these things don't really matter. It's extremely common for women to tear other women down based on their appearance, most commonly their weight and this seriously needs to stop.

I know so many strong, independent, kind and ambitious women that are amazing friends to each other and don't fit the "stereotype" that girls are catty. I lived with six other girls that embodied the words "girl's girl" like nothing else. Every single one of them was there for me when I needed them and those are the kind of people that you should surround yourself and aspire to be.