So for this past week, I've been helping my family move from one place to the other and let me tell you- it has been one HECTIC week.

With that being said, we've all had good times and we've also had some bad times. Times where we wanted to choke one another and times where we were grateful for a helping hand.

Throughout this move, I found myself shouting at my Mom with anger about trying to understand where she wanted me to put an empty box at. I thought to myself, "Why am I being so ugly towards my own mother? What causes me to catch such a harsh outbreak towards my MOTHER out of ALL people?"

So that is why I sat down to write this article today. I KNOW all of you reading this have gotten mad at one of your parents at least once in your life. But hey, newsflash! That is perfectly normal and VERY common in society. Let me tell you why.

We as lovers, intellectual, passionate souls hold SO MUCH comfort, love, and reliability on the people who love us the most- our parents.

Before I go on, I am aware that some people have no relationship with their parents or are not as close to them as I am to my own so this article is specifically made for the ones who CAN RELATE to this.

We find ourselves telling our parents things we can't tell anyone else by default and personally, I am with my parents all the time at every chance I get.

When my Dad gets off work, he comes straight home and doesn't leave the house for the rest of the night. Same goes with my Mom and want to know why? Because they care about coming home to be with their family, me.

I do the same. Sometimes, I even turn down my friend's dinner dates just because I want to be with my Mom & Dad. So going back to the fact that we find ourselves feeling the MOST intense emotions towards our parents out of nowhere, don't worry.

Don't let the bad feelings of guilt or shame get to you or your parents because at the end of the day, they brought you into this world and they love you unconditionally. They'd take a bullet for you in a heartbeat.

When you ever become aggravated at each other, give your parents space and come back later with a positive mindset and an open state of mind. I promise that doing those things will fix the problem almost immediately.

In summary of this scattered article, all I want to close on is to address that not every family is perfect and that there are going to be some rocky moments. I want to address that having these obstacles are completely FINE too! That is what being in a family is all about!

Go out there now and be kind, be patient, and be polite to everyone- especially your parents!