...How are you?...

...How is your soul?...

What is the difference here?

We have become a world of "how are you's." We have compromised the need for connection, kindness and courtesy. We are living from the outside in; we are allowing the world and our nation to change us and mold us into its people rather than people of God.

Look around you. Our nation has become a place where kindness and gentleness lay buried beneath fear and hate.

We need to stop the fights and start the fight.

I know what you may be thinking. We are supposed to make America courteous again by fighting? Yes. We must join the fight, however, not the fights. 1 Timothy 6 tells us to "fight the good fight of the faith." The difference in our fight is why we fight and how we fight. We fight to pursue righteousness and to live out our faith, and accomplish this by loving God and loving one another.

When we think of a fight we typically think in terms of physical beating or someone being pushed around. God, however, calls us to fight the good fight and fight with love, steadfastness and gentleness.

Love: We all know the power of love. We search for love, yearn for love, live in love and live for love. Love is a force beyond ourselves that keeps us going. Perfect love beats out fear.

Steadfastness: We don't hear this word very often. Most people would not choose steadfastness as one of the three ingredients to this recipe for how to fight the good fight. Steadfastness, however, may be the missing ingredient in our lives right now. Where are all the steady people? We are letting our environment change us.

We are called to be more like God. God is steadfast; He is steady. He never changes and is always there. He is a cornerstone; He is the foundation; He is our rock. I say again, where are all the steady people? Where are all the people who will stand and say God is in control? Who will not compromise their faith? Who will live their life loving God and loving their neighbor as themselves?

... Where are all the steady people?...

Gentleness: Gentleness is how we live all of this out. Our steadfastness needs to be coupled with gentleness. This is the part where we need to be more the the "how is your soul" type of people. We must ask people how they truly are on the inside. We must live from the inside out; we must live and love the life we are given and be inspired and molded by our hearts and our faith rather than our environment. We must fight the good fight with gentleness. We need to listen and be kind. We must show empathy and compassion.

Let's make America courteous again.

Let me start.

Dear Reader,

You are strong and unique; made perfectly by God. I care about you and I believe in you. If you feel like you are alone, know that God is with you and that I am praying for you. I encourage you to do what you love and share that with others. Let's fight the good fight together.

How is your soul?