How important is wifi these days?

How important is wifi these days?

A tech confusion

We all know that technology is very important and necessary in this era, but rarely do we ever discuss the aspect of wifi. First of all, the more you say wifi, the weirder it sounds, and second, wifi has become a very important tool, and some might consider it to be necessary. The history of wifi is simple, it developed during the tech era and has grown significantly. Wifi has piggy backed off of the internet, and has made the online scene easier when possible, creating a greater amount of use and importance.

Wifi not only made things faster and smarter, but made the laptop possible. If you think about it, desk top computers began and worked, with the help of a outlet and telephone cable. Laptops, on the other hand, work without the internet of course, and useful for many reason without online access, but with wifi the need and want for a laptop sky rocketed. This created new computer markets and altered the tech economy. Laptops, are so huge, that its hard to discuss in a short parapgraph, but whats mosatly important, is that this market boomed because wifi developed and boomed as well. Im not sure what came first, but what matters now, is that without wifi, the abilities of laptops decrease, and the want for them decreases as well. So the question remains, is wifi necessary?

This same importance goes for ipads, ipods, kindles, and all smartphonesas well as. I was not lucky enough to get an iphone until my junior year of higschool, 4 years ago. I had wanted an iphone for a long while, however my parents were not letting up. I eventlually caught on to the recource of wifi growing around town, and realized that with an ipod touch, I could experience some of what all my friends were experiencing as well. Getting an ipod touch, for me, was dependent on the fact that wifi would be accessible, so I could take picture, go on social media and even text people. Kindle, I believe is the same way, without wifi, the kindle cannot download new files or access new information. The one thing that makes this question questionable, is the aspect and obviousness of data, and online connections that cost money and can be accessed from mostly anywhere without needing wifi. While the science behind it is quite confusing, the development of roaming and data, has also influenced the tech industry and this era.

So, for some people that mostly connect on their phones, data roaming would be a bigger necessity than wifi. While it is true that most people do connect moslty through their smartphones with data, having access to wifi greatly increases effieciency and happiness. So, while overall, wifi technically is not necessary for some devices, it is necessary for others. This question, therefore is hard to answer directly, and varies amoung each individual to their own extent. Wifi has increased the use of technology, while the aspect of data has as well. Both are very important and possibly necessary. Its crazy to think that this is an article and topic to even wirte about, and that this type of technology has become to be common sense, however, that’s for another article. Technology is what we know of it, but always changing, so never get lost, if you can…

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25 Responses To Your Friend Who Doesn't Text Back

Omg thanks for responding so quickly...oh, wait.

We all have that friend. That friend we love to death, but if we are sure of anything in this world, it’s that they will not respond to your text because they suck at texting. That moment when you see “Read 1:04 p.m.” and you’re like “and???? Helloooooooo!”

These are 25 responses for that dear friend.

1. Lol thanks for tagging me in that FB post, now text me tf back.

2. OMG, wait you met Chris Hemsworth and he’s professing his love to you??!! No? Okay, then you can def text me back.

3. Hey I’m coming to help you since you obviously broke your thumbs and can’t respond.

4. Lolol thanks for responding. I’ll just continue the conversation with myself. That’s cool.

5. Good chat.

6. Yeah I wouldn’t know how to respond either, pizza topping selection is a thought-provoking process. Take your time. Meditate on it.

7. The classic: ^^^^^^^^^

8. I hope you’re writing me the 8th Harry Potter novel.

9. That was a yes or no question. This isn’t difficult. You wouldn’t do well with ‘Sophie’s Choice.’

10. Omg, did you pass out from the excitement of getting a text from me? Totally understandable. Text me when you regain consciousness, love.

11. Omg what a witty and clever response. Nothing. So philosophical.

12. The only excuse I’ll accept is if you’re eating guac and don’t want to get it on your phone. Because avocados are life.

13. I love it when you do that adorable thing when you don’t text me back for hours. So cute.

14. Okay I’ll answer for you. Yes, you’re going out tonight. Glad we had this convo.

15. In the time it has taken you to respond, dinosaurs could have retaken the earth.


17. The dramatic but also very valid response: That’s what happens when you don’t respond for 30 minutes. People die.

18. I apologize for asking if you were coming to watch Bachelor, clearly the decision has caused you serious reflection on your priorities. I’m sorry to have caused you this existential crisis.

19. Sorry I annoyed you with my friendship. But like plz respond…

20. Your response time is longer than Ross and Rachel’s entire relationship. 10 seasons. You couldn’t text me back for 10 seasons?!!

21. Wait. You’re responding too fast. I can’t keep up. Hang on. Don’t respond so quickly. Jeez.

22. A subtle but perfectly placed gif. What will you go with? The classic eye roll perhaps or maybe a “you suck.”

23. Did you fall off a cliff? Wait, you don’t exercise. Pause your Netflix and respond b*tch.

24. Omg I WON THE LOTTERY. *responds* Lol now you respond…

25. And my personal favorite and go to, Did you text me and then decide to THROW YOUR PHONE ACROSS THE OCEAN?! Lol swim fast, I need an answer.

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I Tried to Become an Instagram Model

I'm not famous yet.


I'm sick of the number of men and women who get famous by doing nothing. Those people that go viral for stupid online comments, funny viral videos, and "Instagram Models." I'm especially peeved by them. How can you be so famous and make so much money for just posting photos of yourself?

I follow a few models that I actually find wonderful.

Some IG models are genuinely beautiful, with their natural beauty and wholesomeness, like Justine Mae Biticon, a Ford model. Her natural beauty is so overwhelming.

Then, there are the not-so-wholesome IG models, like the ones that decide to start their own clothing brands and "inspire their fans" although they're terrible influences. That obnoxious camgirl (yes, she's a pornstar that tries to give people life advice) Lena the Plug is one of those individuals. She and her 40-year-old looking boyfriend are like a walking-cancer.

There are some IG models that I have yet to find a fault in, like Sierra Skye, an angel without wings.

So I decided to see what it would take to become an IG model. I flipped through a couple of blogs, brushed up on my Cosmo reads and did a lot of Instagram stalking. Here's what I found out: I am not IG model-worthy.

I tried using flowers as a beauty-enhancer, but it didn't get the results I was hoping for.

Elisa Nuñez-Rodriguez

To be an IG model, you've got to be good-looking. At least one of your features must be attractive, whether it's fake boobs, fake butt, natural butt, gorgeous face, long legs, or nice eyes. I tried going for more natural looks, minimal makeup to let my 'natural radiance" show, but I haven't hit stardom yet.

You've got to be sponsored, by a big brand, a designer, or some kind of known-name. Even if you're not sponsored, you can be featured on a brand's IG page, shooting you to stardom. Tessa Greiner, who boasts 62.4k followers on IG, has found more fame with being featured on O-Mighty's store IG, not to mention being on the cover of PUMP Fashion Magazine. I think my mom said she'd sponsor me.

You have to be fashionable or trendy. If you're all about bathing suits and tropical settings, you want to be wearing the cutest bathing suits of the summer. If you want to have the nicest, trendiest outfits like Jordyn Taylor McClelland, you need to be bold and brave with your outfit choices. I'm a low-budget college student, so I wear whatever trendy clothes I already own.

A nice pop of color should do the trick, right? Elisa Nuñez-Rodriguez

The most important part about being an IG model is having the best photographer possible. If you're your own photographer, investing in a selfie stick or tripod is going to be important. If you've got the best kind of friends, the ones who love to photograph you, have them take hundreds of pictures of you so you have plenty of options to choose from for posting to IG. Alyssa Silos, an amazing artist who posts photos of her amazing travels, said she will ask random strangers to take pictures of her, and the results are always incredible. Special thanks to my boyfriend for trying his hardest with these photos.

Some mystery behind the flower booklet? Probably not.Elisa Nuñez-Rodriguez

IG models also have a huge following, whereas I have 899 followers, but only 140 of them interact with me and like my photos. So really, I have 140 followers. Most IG models have at least 20k followers, averaging 300k likes on their photos from sponsors, being featured on the Explore page, and from popping up on other social media. Kendall Jenner, who I hate to claim as an IG model but yet here she is, has 92.3 million followers, although I don't think she's one of the top models.

My attempt at being an IG model failed. I'm not trendy nor fashionable enough to gain sponsorship, I don't sell fit-teas, I'm not a wanna-be boutique owner, my legs are short and stumpy, and I can't get more than 200 likes on a photo. But I will not give up trying to make money the easy way.

I felt like Jenny from the block. Elisa Nuñez-Rodriguez

Someday, I will find a way to become an IG model. I will be sponsored, I will be paid for my posts, and I will do the bare minimum for it. I just haven't found a way to do it yet.

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Elisa Nuñez-Rodriguez

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