How fast can you type on an iPhone?
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How fast can you type on an iPhone?

Find out with these wpm tests. Words Per Minute Tests.

How fast can you type on an iPhone

As part of our daily lives, we use our smartphones almost constantly. It is one of the reasons why we have become very proficient at typing quickly on them. But how fast can you type on an iPhone? Are you able to adjust your speed on a physical keyboard for your computer or tablet? You might be surprised.

A better on-screen keyboard, predictive text, auto-correct, and other on-screen typing features - along with years of experience using a smartphone - allow many people to type faster on an iPhone than on a physical keyboard.

The average typing speed on smartphones is 36.2 words per minute, with 2.3 percent uncorrected errors. The fastest typer was clocked at 85 words per minute in a 2019 study by researchers at Aalto University (Finland) and the University of Cambridge (UK). On average, computers type 52 words per minute.

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This is an impressive number, and it is likely to increase as well. The study found that teenagers were the fastest typers since they were exposed to on-screen keyboards at a younger age than adults. Those between the ages of 10-19.

Typing speed is faster among those aged 10-19 than among those aged 20-39, and Generations Z and Alpha - the youngest demographic cohorts - are likely to do even better.

Do you think you would do as well as the participants in the study? When it comes to testing your Phone typing skills, there are a couple of different ways to do it. Tests include typing popular words, random phrases, and more, but all provide well-rounded statistics that will help you measure your typing speed accurately.

Use the 'Words Per Minute Typing Test' Websites

You can also use typing test web apps in your browser if you don't want to download an app, and they will work on Android devices as well. One of the better ones is , which claims to be the No. 1 typing speed test with over four million tests completed each month.

Several test options are available for you to choose from. In the first drop-down menu, you can choose between 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes test. The second drop-down allows you to change the difficulty, ranging from "Easy" to "Hard;" there are also alternatives, such as "Basic," "Classic," and "Advanced."

When you are ready to start, click the yellow "Start Typing Test" button. On the next page, click or tap "Click or tap here and start typing" to begin typing. You can try a swipe-typing keyboard in the test, but it'll be more difficult because the test won't be able to differentiate between real keystrokes and swipes.

You will see the amount of time left as well as your errors and typing speed at the top of the page. Capitalization and punctuation will be important. Errors will appear underlined where you type. Once again, autocorrect is not available to help you.

After you finish, you'll be taken to another page that will display your final score. Errors reduce your wpm score once again, so it's important to not just be fast but also cautious and accurate. Below your numbers, you'll see the average typist on the service, as well as your previous scores, your best scores, and your current score.

Make use of the 'Speed Typer' App

Speed Typer, developed by justncode LLC, allows you to test your typing skills by typing random words and sentences for a specified amount of time. In contrast to other typing tests in the App Store, this app does have ads, which can be removed for $2.99, but the games are all free. It will also unlock saved statistics, but that feature isn't available yet.

How to Text Faster on Phone Today: Tips for Typing Faster on Your Android/ iPhone.

Are you interested in learning how to type faster on your Android phone? We've got some tips for you.

There is no comparison between typing on a touchscreen device and the convenience of using a physical keyboard. You get little feedback from tapping on a slab of glass aside from vibration, and the tiny keys make it easy to mistype.

You can learn some shortcuts and tips to help you type faster on your Android smartphone, but there is no perfect solution. Since most people spend quite a bit of time on their phones, learning how to text faster on an iPhone can save a great deal of time.

  1. Download an Alternate Keyboard
  2. Take Advantage of Swipe Typing
  3. Use Google Voice Typing
  4. Add Text Shortcuts
  5. Master Text Predictions
  6. Modify Your Keyboard Layout
  7. Practice With Typing Games on Android


On average, how fast can a person type on a phone?

According to a study, people can type almost as fast on a phone screen as they can on a computer keyboard. The average typing speed on mobile devices now is 38 words per minute (wpm), compared to about 52 on a standard PC keyboard. According to the study, the gap was smaller among users aged 10-19 who averaged about 10wpm more than older users.

What is the average texting speed?

Normal typing speed is between 38 and 40 words per minute (this is equivalent to 190-200 characters per minute). However, professional typists, or professionals who spend a lot of time creating texts on desktop computers, typically type 65 to 75 words per minute.

What's a good wpm on a phone?

If you type 57 WPM or faster, you're doing very well. Touch typing is the key to faster typists. Touch typing is a method in which you find the keys using muscle memory, rather than your eyes.

How fast can you type on an iPhone?

37,000 volunteers showed that younger people are much faster at typing on their mobile devices. Typing speed for mobile users was 36.2 words per minute (WPM), with 2.3% of errors left uncorrected. On keyboards, the average speed is around 52 words per minute.

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