Every girl can relate to Blair Waldorf, whether she admits it or not. Sure, you both can relate to the awesome sense of style you both have, but there's tons more! After all, she's not just a Waldorf because she can piece together an outfit in less than five minutes.

Power is nice, maybe the nicest thing a woman can have.

Wise words, Blair. After all, you shouldn't get too down in the dumps just because someone doesn't like you.

These moods really hit after you've picked out all of your outfits for the week, finished all of your homework, answered all of your emails and texts, and cleaned your room. I mean, it rarely happens, so you just feel on a roll.

We all have those "friends" we're nice to, even if not vice versa, to prevent girl drama. Everyone loves a good cat fight, but it's not worth your time.

Women always have high expectations, and most times they're let down. It's a sad truth, but sometimes you just have to do things for yourself.

We say this about everything. Whether it be starting a new diet, breaking up with our boyfriend, or finally organizing our notes, everything can be the beginning of a fresh start.

Believing in yourself can be like ...

When a guy tries to tell you you're wrong about something you know you're right about. Girls are always right. Everyone knows that.

Helping out your best friends can go like this at times. Audrey Hepburn did say that Paris is always a good idea.

Being told you can't do something sucks, but it seems to be more motivation to prove them wrong. And looking good while doing it, too.

You rarely ever do your hair, and the first time that you do in days, it starts pouring unexpectedly. And you're without an umbrella. Goodbye, straight hair.

Seeing your new Victoria's Secret purchase in the mailbox feels like love.

At the end of a long day, you need to pamper yourself. Eating macaroons in a bubble bath is the way to do this.

Sometimes you just have to think, what would Blair Waldorf do? The answer is usually, put on a crown and be the best possible.