How EDC Influenced My Plans For 2017
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How EDC Influenced My Plans For 2017

It Was My First, And It Changed Everything

How EDC Influenced My Plans For 2017

There’s this kind of innate urge associated with a year coming to a close. Everyone makes resolutions that they plan to follow in the New Year, but many of them fall through. We all say, “I’ll stick to mine this time! You can bet on it,” but often times life gets in the way and things just don’t work out.

This year I AM sticking to my resolution; I refuse to let anything stand in my way. Do you want to hear what my wonderful New Year’s Resolution is? I’m going to live. I’m not going to waste a single day, and I’m not going to leave behind any regrets.Yeah, yeah I know. Everyone says this stuff right? Well, my decision is deep seeded in November of this year. A LOT of influential stuff went down, and my whole perspective on life has been re-shaped.

In November of this year I attended EDC Orlando for the first time. The experience was incomparable. I had been to concerts and festivals before, but NOTHING this big or this crazy. I mean just look at it!

I had come to believe in the past few years that people suck. I had watched people I thought were close friends fade away over and over again. It hit me hard at first, but at some point I kind of just expected people to suck. EDC changed that outlook. The festival showed me that there are plenty of people out there who aren’t awful. Complete strangers will be nice to you, and dance with you, without even knowing who you are. They will talk to you and enjoy the experience with you, even if they don’t know your name.

Basically, there are thousands of people that come together and share the same mindset: to enjoy the moment and enjoy life. How dope does that sound?

By going to EDC, I realized I could enjoy life in a whole new way. I want to live, I want to experience new things, and I want to go to more festivals! Although, more than anything, I want to enjoy the little things. Each and every day is a literal gift; we’re lucky to wake up in the morning!

Just a few weeks after EDC, I lost my Opa (that’s grandpa in German for those who are confused). That was rough. It still is rough, and it almost sent me into that same mindset that I had before EDC. No one really checked on me, literally four people texted me asking if I was okay. I couldn't be more thankful for those people. The crazy thing is I even had people message me who knew and didn’t say a word of condolence.

But then I thought, my Opa lived a great life. He did some amazing things, and he stayed positive even until the end, swearing up and down that he didn’t have cancer.

THAT’S how I want to live, because you never know when your last day will be.

So, everyone, I’ve decided to go through life in the best possible way. I’m going to spend it with people who care about me, I’m going to do things I love (plenty of festivals of course), and I’m going to make every day I have count.

I’m not going to wish any more time away, I’m just going to fill every gap with positivity and light. And I think going to every festival and show I can afford is a pretty great start.

So here’s to 2017, may you bring happiness to everyone I love and to everyone I’ve yet to meet. I’m excited to stand here and tell you that I’m going to have a great year. In spite every trial and tribulation that will come my way, it’ll be one for the books. Oh and uh...

Now go out and make it a great one for yourself! I have faith in you!

Yours Truly,


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